30 Days of Thanksgiving {Wrap-up}


Hey there mamas!  Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends.  We are so grateful you are a reader and a part of our little online community here at A Mama Collective.  If you follow us on Instagram, you know Jenna and I have been participating in the #30daysofthanksgiving and #gratefulnovember series.  Basically you just post a picture each day of what you are thankful for.  I really enjoyed it, and hope to get it going as a way to keep my focus on gratitude!  Here is a little wrap up in case you missed it.

Day 1: You found your thumb. I went to wake you up and you just wanted to keep sleeping. You are the sweetest, my love. ~Jenna

photo 4-2

Day 2: Nov 2nd happens to be my favorite day of the year...my husbands birthday. So thankful for his life and the gift he is to me and our kids! ❤️ ~Mary


Day 3: Incredibly grateful to @life_edited for her vulnerability about her anxiety. It helped me understand what my husband goes through every day. Grateful that she opened my eyes to that, which I wish I could take away. ~Jenna

photo 3-2

Day 4: Arizona is a beautiful place to be come November! Enjoying some relaxation time looking up at this big beautiful sky~Mary


Day 5: I'm thankful for you my girl, and your lion hair. It is so completely you - crazy and messy and cuddly and soft and sweet all wrapped up in one. Here's to you, my love.~Jenna

photo 2-2

Day 6: This verse is my heart cry! ~Mary


Day 7: Those cheeks could make me sing. Your sisters never stop kissing them. You never stop growing them. They are so you. ~Jenna

photo 5-1

Day 8: They are ALWAYS saying they are hungry. Thankful for the gift of food! ~Mary


Day 9: The dandelions make us sing. We love to blow them away (aka spit on the poor things). I love what brings them joy. Seeing the world from new lenses. ~Jenna

photo 1-2

Day 10: Stay small enough so mama can keep giving you sink baths, baby girl. They are my fav! ~Mary


Day 11: So grateful for moments that make me stop. The grocery store was insane, everyone picked Veterans' Day to go shopping. But I was able to breathe right here. Soak it up, pause and be thankful. ~Jenna

photo 4-1

Day 12: You sweetly rested on the window seal as I watched the sunrise over you. I'll treasure that moment forever, son! ~Mary


Day 13: Days where the air is fresh and you're all smiles. You brighten me. ~Jenna

photo 3-1

Day 14: I always love to hear what you have to say on our short little walk to your preschool. Your joy and excitement for life is contagious, sweet girl! ~Mary


Day 15: You two are coming into your own as sisters. While I'm tending to Lucia, you two are playing Mommy and taking care of each other. For forever, that's my prayer. Take care of each other forever. ~Jenna

photo 2-1

Day 16: Friendship: Happy Birthday Jenna! Your life is a gift to many, mine included. Check our my tribute on the blog today ~Mary


Day 17: As we celebrate Lucia's baptism today, I am ever grateful for the sanctifying love of Jesus. And people to walk this road with. My cup runs over! ~Mary


Day 18: There aren't many things more lovely to me than a bookstore. Soup, my girls and some books. This is it. ~Jenna

photo 1 -1

Day 19: We ran around chasing each other as you screamed in delight. You my wild one, are a joy! Ohh and slides are pretty great too. ~Mary


Day 20: Today is hard. Today you won't let me put you down. Today all I can do is study and appreciate every part of you because otherwise I might pull my hair out. Forget sweeping and mopping - I've got you, head to toes. ~Jenna

photo 5

Day 21: Your laugh is contagious. It fills my heart with such joy to laugh with you, my big girl! Let's laugh everyday together! ~Mary


Day 22: Thankful for the rain today. Keeping me grounded, comforting my soul. ~Jenna

photo 4

Day 23: My dream is to live next to a river, hearing the rush of the water travel past. Brings me such peace! ~Mary


Day 24: ~Jenna

photo 3

Day 25: you are each uniquely a gift to me. I will never take for granted the treasure of being your mama! ~Mary


Day 26: Now's the time. ~Jenna

photo 2

Day 27: Some days you have to go outside and be renewed. I'm grateful to be able to feel air in my lungs and tender moments like these. ~Jenna

photo 1

Day 28: The best of my gifts! I am more than thankful! ~Mary


Day 29: There is nothing quite like a warm embrace from someone who loves you! ~Mary


 Day 30: These three are my heart and soul. ~Jenna