We received a Bluum Box this month for my almost 3 year old daughter Siena, and (spoiler alert!) I was kind of in love. Here is the video of my unboxing (thanks to the hubs for being patient and video-ing for me. Ain't he sweet?!):

He's a great videographer, I know, I know. And below is my Bluum Box Review for this month!

bluum box

Here are the products that I received in my April 2014 Bluum box for my 34 month old daughter, as well as the retail prices:

peg puzzle

  • Melissa And Doug See Inside Peg Puzzle : Shapes $9.99 --- My thoughts: This puzzle looks so fun, and I know that Siena will love it as a birthday present. This is a great age to learn shapes and colors and all that, so it's perfect!


  • Crocodile Creek Placemat : At The Circus $4.00 --- My thoughts: I love this cute placemat. It's perfect for both my older girls when they're sitting at the table. And it's super cute circus theme makes for fun conversation for us too.


  • Priddy Books : Fairy Tales Color And Activity Book $6.99 --- My thoughts: I am so in love with this book. It's so awesome. If anything, watch the unboxing video just to get an inside peek into this book. It has stickers and activities and stories - it literally has it all. And I would pay more than $6.99 for this. It's awesome. I am definitely saving it for Siena's birthday because I know she will absolutely love it.

snack bag

  • Bumkins Large Snack Bag : Love Birds $4.95 --- My thoughts: I love reusable snack bags! They're perfect for taking snacks on the go and not having to use plastic bags or plastic containers. And this print?! So stinking cute. This cute bag will look great in my diaper bag, right??

dry shampoo

  • Klorane Dry Shampoo $19.50 --- My thoughts: I was SUPER excited to see this in the box. This is the "For Mom" gift that bluum puts in its boxes. I am SO pumped to try it, as I've never tried dry shampoo but have heard so many great things. I felt special to receive something so nice!

The total retail value for my 34 Month April Bluum box is $45.43. And I paid $25?! Insane.

This box was awesome, and every single thing in it will go to great use. I got some awesome gifts for Siena's third birthday as well as special items that I didn't have before that I am thrilled to have no. I'm honestly so grateful for this box, and I can't wait to see Siena playing with these fun toys just for her.

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