You all should know by now that I love me some subscription boxes, and if you don't, check out my reviews here. Bluum is one of my favorites. You spend $25 and the products inside are ALWAY worth way more than the $25 you spend on the box. You can get 50% off of your first month to try it out by using this link:: bluum. Below is my review of Lucia's 5 month box and Siena's 31 month box (that's a little over 2.5 in case that's too many months to count).

5 month box

Here are the products that I received in my January bluum 5 month box, as well as the retail prices:


  • NurturMe Organic Quinoa Baby Food $2.00 --- My thoughts: Yes. I can't wait to use this! I don't feed my daughters rice cereal when they first start eating, because of the negative effects of rice cereal. So I'm thrilled to receive some quinoa to try out when Lucia starts eating this month! I'm so grateful to receive this!


  • Puffs Fresh Faces Moist Nose and Face Wipes $4.99 --- My thoughts: Can a mother EVER have enough tissues, wipes, toilet paper, etc?? Here, let me answer that for you: NO. I'm excited to try these out. Went straight to my diaper bag for some good use, I'm sure.


  • HABA Dolly Duck $8 --- My thoughts: Uhhh SO cute! And my daughter loves it! Double whammy. It's a win-win-win, really.


  • Boiron Camilia Teething Relief $7.99 --- My thoughts: I love this stuff. Always have, always will. I love homeopathic medicines in general for my girls, and I've used Boiron's products with my older two and definitely will with Lucia!


  • Bumkins Starter Bib $4.95 --- My thoughts: This bib is washable and reusable, so I know it will go to great use. And the cute pattern is sweet, too.


  • Oogaa Baby Mealtime Spoon $5.99 --- My thoughts: This spoon is adorable. It's a little tugboat, but it's ALSO a spoon! Ingenious. Love it. My 2.5 year old snatched it up right away and laid claim on it. Silly girl.

baby ecos

  • Baby Ecos Stain & Odor Remover $3.99 --- My thoughts: I'm so excited to use this stuff! Smells relish and super easy to use before throwing clothes in the wash.

Total retail value for the items in this box: $37.91. I LOVED this box. I love that it was food-y themed and the items will ALL go to good use. I am so grateful I got this box.


bluum 31 month

Here are the products that I received in my January bluum box for 31 months, as well as the retail prices:


  • Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker $7.99 --- My thoughts: I love this stacker! My 2.5 year old daughter wanted to play with it right away and loved it. She isn't the best with colors yet, so this is a great teaching and learning tool for her. This one is right on the money.


  • Circle of Friends Hans Blueberry Shampoo $11.40 --- My thoughts: I will never use this. This is a product that I don't want to put on my girls at all during baths. We use products that are free of all the nasty stuff, and this one is kind of full of that stuff. I'm not sure what to do with this either since I can't exactly re-gift it. I wonder if there is anywhere I could return it?!


  • Pampers Kandoo Flushable Wipes $2.96 --- My thoughts: I loved the idea of these! When I need to wipe my girls, I always have to use baby wipes and you can't flush those. I was excited to try these out and be able to flush them away. However, they aren't good wipes. I mean, they tear right when I pull them out of the package. What's up with that?! I was reeaaaal annoyed. But oh well, the idea is great.

funny faces


31 month 1

  • Children's Oscillococcinum $12.99 --- My thoughts: Yay! I love this stuff. I actually just ran out and I KNOW we will put it to great use. Like I said above, I love to use homeopathic medicines for the girls, and we really like this brand and product. Great item for this box, especially for this season.

Total retail value for this box: $43.33. Great box, minus the silly shampoo. I mean, I don't get it? It seems to just be an item thrown in there to up the value. Both otherwise? Loved all of it.

Riddle me this, Batman: would you get a bluum box for your kiddo?

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