Advent Angels, Family Photos & Confession - Five on Friday


I can't handle how much I love the world from these girls' eyes. Everything they see is clear and real and beautiful. We went to confession as a family, so this is outside the church while we're waiting for it to open. People tried to cut us in line, and then we ended up being the first one's out.

The last shall be first, right?

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We had sweet playtime with our dear friends -- Mary's kiddos. Here are three of the five girls telling some strange weird stories from the wagon. Obviously, the only place to tell a good story.

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This is my first year doing Advent Angels with our women's group, and I've loved it so far. I loved picking out presents for my recipient and I've loved seeing presents outside my door. This was a beautiful teacup I got from my angel, as well as some tea bags. Can't wait to drink some fancy tea in my fancy cup and feel reaaaal fancy.

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We got family photos done this past weekend. I canNOT wait to see them. This is a shot of the beautiful Lexy Popa getting my parents and our three daughters. We all had lots of fun on the shoot, and Lexy is so patient and awesome. I'm excited to show them to y'all when they're done!

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This one is getting so big. You guys all made me feel loads better by saying her sleep regression is probably due to growth spurt and learning new things. That really seems to be what it is. She's rolling over, she's growing like crazy, and she is smiling ear to ear all the time. I love the mother that she is making me, and I love her more than I ever thought I would. She has shown me that there is so much more inside of me than I give credit for. And, Lord, He is holding me the whole way through.

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