An Open Letter to My Daughter

LetterMy dear one,

You are growing up! You just started preschool, which in Mama’s World feels like one step away from moving away for college. Several times this week I have told you “Baby, don’t grow up too fast.”

You keep insisting “But Mama, I haaaavvve too!!”

I got a little teary eyed and you sweetly said “Don’t worry, Mommy, I’ll always come home.”

If I could only put into words what my heart feels. How it explodes with love for you! It’s a jealous love, a love that often wants to keep you all to myself. Keep you safe in my caring, nurturing arms. But I know, my girl, that you were born to fly.

I know, my girl, that you were born to fly. <--- Tweet this.

And what a beautiful flier you will be! I cant wait to see each day you learn and accomplish and enjoy all the facets of life! There is so much you have yet to see.

Every now and then, the fear sets in. The fear that tells me this world is unsafe and harsh. My heart begins to ache at the mere thought of you experiencing some of life’s pain. Mommy tries so hard not to act on that fear.

I know truly, you are God's, to me on loan. I can only do my best to guide and keep you from harm. Every day you grow, I will try and try again to place you into Gods hands, knowing He only has goodness and mercy for you!

Remember this, dear one, when life teaches hard lessons, in the times you feel left out, in the times you are unsure of your talents and gifts, in the times you feel misunderstood or judged… I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! In a way that lets you fly and explore!

But remember, baby, what you told me, “Don’t worry, Mommy, I’ll always come home.”


Your Mama

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