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We are so excited to have Amy of Little Hip Squeaks as our feature for June. Little Hip Squeaks is an incredibly adorable and unique shop that I'm slightly very obsessed with. I know you're going to fall in love too. Amy shares with us about her passions and some more about her company, Little Hip Squeaks:

Authentic Motherhood LHS.jpgWhat is the mission behind Little Hip Squeaks and how did it all begin? Little Hip Squeaks believes that kids are fun, and their clothes should be, too! Our aesthetic is for of bright colors and bold prints, with modern babies, tots and kiddos in mind.

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Tell us a little bit about your family. My family consists of my 3 year old son, Eli, and my husband of 7 years, Nate. We live in Brooklyn and we love a good adventure and pizza! (And Ice cream and croissants!)


What has been your greatest joy in motherhood? I love getting to relive my childhood through Eli and seeing the world through his eyes.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge with juggling motherhood and living out your passion as an entrepreneur? How do you balance your business and family? The biggest challenge for me has been finding a balance where I don’t feel guilty for leaving my son in someone else’s care while I go to work, which is pretty typical for working mothers. I work around that by making time for just my son and I; right now, Friday is our day for one-on-one time adventuring together. Another important factor in achieving that balance is hiring good people to fill in the gaps.

What is one piece of advice you have for other moms who would like to live out their passions? I advise people to just take the risk and dive in, the worst case result is that you’re right where you started. There’s always going to be reasons not to do something, but if it’s something you really want, it’s always worth reaching for.

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What is your single favorite LHS product and why? I love our Every Mess Cloths. They are so versatile, I still carry one around for Eli for sticky ice cream hands and to brush off sand post sand box.

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