I came home from running an errand - why does life seem so tranquil when you're in a car by yourself not listening to Disney songs?! And I arrived home to the long-awaited bluum box! Finally!! They sent my first box back to bluum - for reasons I have yet to know - so this is the re-sent box. I was SO happy to finally get it!

That means it's time for another Battle of the Boxes post with the bluum box! (In case you haven't seen my August 2013 Citrus Lane Box review, check it out!). I ordered the boxes for my newborn girl, who I had last week -- August 23rd!

The bluum box is a subscription box that prides itself on "having the best of the best presented to you every month, so that you can create your own regimen that is just right."

I also ordered Stork Stack (my referral code is CC1F7FE4) as a part of the Battle of the Boxes, so make sure to check back and find out how that subscription box compares!

I did an un-boxing video, so check it out!

Here are the products that I received in my August bluum box, as well as the retail prices:

bluum box

  • Angel Dear Blankie $13.00 --- My thoughts: I absolutely LOVE this blankie/lovie. Neither of my two daughters used or had a lovie, so I'm really hoping that Lucia loves this special lovie that is just for her. I hadn't purchased one yet, so I'm so excited that she got this in the box. This is a Yes purchase.
  • Pretty Mommies Sunscreen $36 --- My thoughts: When I saw this was in my box, my jaw kind of dropped. This is an incredibly expensive and (hopefully) good quality sunscreen. I mean, it's $36!! I also chuckled to myself, considering I just had a giveaway going on for this very product! Crazy/Ironic/Weirdo stuff happening in my bluum box so far ;) So this is most definitely NEVER something I would buy (because we moms don't spoil ourselves often enough), but something I am INCREDIBLY thankful for receiving. And hopefully after loving it, I will make it work within our budget. After all, that's what bluum is about - helping us find products we wouldn't have found in the first place.
  • Logical Drift CD: Colors of Asia $14.50 --- My thoughts: Again, this would have been great for the delivery of Lucia, since I had her naturally - as I did with Siena - our second daughter. I think this CD would have been perfect for me to have playing while I was in labor at the hospital. I would have never purchased this, so we will see where we can make use of it!
  • BuggyLOVE - FreshLOVE Organic Freshening Mist $9.99 --- My thoughts: I am so excited about this product also! It says that this mist "neutralizes unpleasant scents on strollers, car seats, changing tables, play areas, bathrooms or, well anywhere." I do cloth diaper, and while I attempt to wash often, there can still become a muggy smell in the nursery, so I will DEFINITELY be putting this freshening mist to good use. And I LOVE that it is organic and not made with crappy chemicals. This is a Yes purchase.
  • Lansinoh mOmma Feeding Bottle $10.00 --- My thoughts: I am looking forward to (my husband) trying this bottle. I will have to be going back to work after 12 weeks or so, so I will be pumping (blah!) and leaving milk. We have a couple glass bottles that have been great workhorse bottles for us (I would HIGHLY recommend glass bottles for your mamas!), but I'm excited to see how these mOmma bottles work out! This nipple is supposed to mimic a breast better than other nippes, so we shall see! This is a Maybe purchase, if baby was having a hard time with our other bottles.
  • Blum Naturals Towelettes $7.49 --- My thoughts: I can't wait to try these either! These are free of lots of crappy chemicals also, so I'm excited to try out a new makeup remover. I currently just wash my face with a bar of soap and use coconut oil as a cleanser/makeup remover, but hey! I'm open to this! This is a Maybe purchase, but I'm excited about it :)

The total retail value for bluum August box is $80.98. Yes, you read that correctly - $80!!!

I am honestly shocked more than anything about the contents in the bluum box. This is far beyond what I thought they would send. Especially considering that I paid $12.47 for this box with a coupon code.

I don't know if it had a little "something extra" since they're sending me a box based on me going into labor, since these are items that I would have used in the hospital (the CD, Pretty Mommies and towelettes).

I don't know, but I'm shocked and oh-so-happy :) Thank you, bluum!! I think you've made up for the box coming to me late.

Battle of the Boxes ---> Citrus Lane: 5. bluum box: 10.

What do you think? Are they forgiven?

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