Battle of the Boxes: August 2013 Citrus Lane

So I was very excited to order a Citrus Lane box for the month of August. I ordered the box for my newborn girl, who is due in about two weeks!

Citrus Lane is a subscription box that prides itself on "Free Shipping, Mom Approved and Personalized" products that come in an adorable box once a month.

I also order Stork Stack (my referral code is CC1F7FE4) and bluum as a part of the Battle of the Boxes, so make sure to check back and find out how these three subscription boxes compare!

Here are the products that I received in my August Citrus Lane box, as well as the retail prices:

august 2013 citrus lane

  • i play. baby-girls Organically Grown Socks $5.00 --- My thoughts: I lose socks like nobody's business, so I suppose it's nice to get some new socks. This is a Maybe purchase, but not for $5/pair.
  • Clean Well Hand Sanitizer Wipes $1.75 --- My thoughts: I am open to keeping the wipes in my diaper bag when I'm not around soap and water, which can happen often with my toddlers and newborn. So I guess that's a Maybe purchase.
  • Rich Frog's Little Stacker $12.95 --- My thoughts: This doesn't feel like great quality. It came apart really easily from itself, meaning it will probably be lost in an instant once my toddlers find it and hide its pieces. This is a definite No purchase.
  • Cleo's Alphabet Board Book $12.70 --- My thoughts: I appreciate that I got a board book for Baby Girl #3 because my girls have ruined nearly every single board book we own. However, I didn't LOVE the book's content. The artwork was cute. But again, I appreciate getting it, but this is a No purchase.
  • Weleda Calendula Diaper Care samples --- My thoughts: I don't like samples. I will use a drop of this cream, and then the one packet will be done and used and cannot be used again because it's open. This will also potentially create a mess in my diaper bag if I don't throw it away right after sampling it. I have tried Weleda products before, and while I like them fine, I wouldn't purchase them again.

The total retail value for Citrus Lane August box is $32.40.

I honestly would probably have never purchased anything in this box. I am glad I got a discount on my very first Citrus Lane box, but I'm not too happy with it even with the discount. I'm debating cancelling or waiting to see if they will redeem themselves next month.

Battle of the Boxes: Citrus Lane 0.

What did you think of your August Citrus Lane box??

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