I know that every blog has an About Me section. But I just thought I'd do a post on a little bit more about me. Full disclosure: I'm being transparent in this one.


  • I never wanted to be a mom. I wrote about that here.
  • I met my husband because he was drumming for a Christian band and there is nothing better than a really good looking musician playing their instrument.
  • The first time we hung out alone, he called me out on a lot of crap. I was contemplating atheism, and he helped me find my way back to the Lord.
  • I can't do yoga. I have a weird head/body situation going on, where if my head feels at all like it's not aligned with my body, I get motion sickness or vertigo or something. So: I get car sick every time I'm not driving the car, I can't ride ferris wheels or any amusement park ride, airplanes suck, and yoga is out.
  • I am scared of anything that has a motor or uses electricity to work. I fear that the power to do the work is too great and the machine/motor will explode in my face.
  • I love community more than anything. When I met my husband, we were surrounded by support and community, and that equaled love. It's new footing, finding community among young families as opposed to single people, but young family community is even better once you find it.
  • I suck at swimming. I can basically doggy paddle.
  • I hate being called naive or immature. Anyone who calls me that will have the silent treatment for at least a week (I know, I'm so immature).
  • I try to see the good in every single person. I think it's easy to discount everyone as bad. But they're not. Everyone is good but some make shitty decisions.
  • I am a practicing Catholic who loves the Lord. My faith is mighty and strong in times of doubt. Like, right now, I'm doubting but I know that the doubt will not overtake me. My faith in Him is stronger. I will still go to Mass and celebrate Him, but there is a lingering doubt that I know will be leveled with once I read and dive into learning more about Him.
  • I finally feel like we are figuring out the work from home situation. We were saved by a friend who said she would help babysit the girls, and that is a sweet relief. I feel like the balance is good, right now.
  • The anxiety of having so much to do overwhelms me sometimes. As a blogger, as a mother, as a woman, you know how it goes. There is always more to do, but once that is done, there is still more to do. I've been relinquishing the need to get things done and transformed into, "I know it will be there tomorrow, and if it isn't, something else will be. So it doesn't need to be done right this second."
  • I've made blogging friends. Last year I didn't even know that was a thing. It's weird when I think about it, still. It's weird for my husband, too. But I love them in a different way than my real life friends.
  • When I don't go on Facebook for an entire day, it is the most liberating thing in the whole world.
  • I love Twitter, so so so much. So much.
  • Instagram is cool, but I don't love it as much as Twitter.
  • I don't love Pinterest. At all. I never go back to read the things I pin. Do you?
  • I always wanted to be a professional photographer. But I never went to school or have learned anything about it. A girl can dream, though, I think?
  • I want my daughters to go on mission trips when they're eighteen, before college. Because, really, nearly every eighteen year old sucks at college anyway.
  • I am not creative or artsy or really good at anything. I wish I was, though, so I could start an etsy shop and [not make any money but] make something pretty for other people.
  • I feel like I'm a generous person, and it confuses me when other people aren't generous. But a lot about people who are different in any capacity at all confuses me. Mostly because I need to be empathetic to them. Once I try really hard to be that, I generally am not so confused.
  • I think that nearly every bullet point on this list could be made into a blog post. Minus the Pinterest one. Because I hate it.
  • I love coffee. A lot. Like six-cups-in-the-morning-coffee. I also am growing to love Matcha Green Tea because I need something to drink in the afternoon when coffee is out of the question.
  • I don't like food. Very much, at all. I am not like other [awesome] people who eat something and taste all the flavors in their mouth and their mouth as a food-gasm. I just eat because I should eat.
  • I hate holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July. All of them. Thankfully, I work in a hospital, and hospitals don't close. So I can work every holiday and avoid them all. It's perfect.
  • I'm a respiratory therapist in a hospital. I do a whole lot of breathing treatments throughout the day, and I manage ventilators on dying and not dying patients. My heart has hardened about death since working there, or it's always been that way, and now I have to acknowledge it because I deal with death every day.

This post is already too long. So, I'll stop here. Sorry to end with death. I mean, it still seems fitting.

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