reviewI was SO excited to receive my Month 2 bluum box! I really loved my first two boxes, so I was so pumped to receive Month 2! The box I order is for my newborn baby girl - who is two months old (hence, Month 2).

Bluum is a subscription box that ranges in price from $21-25 (depending on how far in advance you order your boxes). They have themes every month, and this one is "Happy & Healthy."


Here are the products that I received in my Month 2 bluum box, as well as the retail prices:


  • Ocusoft Baby Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser, Pre-Moistened Towelette $10 --- My thoughts: I've never heard of this brand, but when I searched for them, they seem to have many eye products for adults. I had never thought about my girls needing towelettes for their eyes, but now I can have them for if anyone gets any goopy eyes - and I won't have to worry about it hurting their eyes since they're pre-moistened.


  • Numi Organic Savory Tea Garden Pack $7.99 --- My thoughts: This is one of the two "Mom" gifts in the box. I don't love tea (I suppose I should start to love it, at the rate that I get tea sent to me), but I really wish I did! I like that this is a sampler pack to taste different "garden" flavors, and I will DEFINITELY be sending this home with my sister-in-law who loooves tea :) I know she will really enjoy these.


  • Luna Bar Carrot Cake $1 --- My thoughts: This is the second "mom" item in the box. Great item. I love Luna Bars, they are one of my favorite bars (I'm kind of a bar fanatic), so I am really excited about this one. Carrot cake isn't my favorite flavor, but I feel like it goes nicely with Fall, and I know it will come in handy when I *forget* to eat while I'm chasing the kiddos around.

keep it kleen

  • RaZbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier $4.50 --- My thoughts: I'm not a lover of pacifiers, mainly because my girls don't love them AT ALL. I try and try and try and try to get them to take a paci (I buy like 10 different pacifiers with each girls' births), but they never like them! I've had moderate success with the pacifiers they gave us in the hospital, so I don't think I'll be doing any experience with this one. Although, the concept? Awesome.


  • Circle of Friends Organics Calming Cream $14.40 --- My thoughts: I'm REALLY excited about this one. My older two girls have really sensitive skin, and they are soooo dry (like their mama), so I know that this will be put to wonderful use for us. I love that it's free of crap and something that I can feel comfortable putting on all three of the girls. I had never heard of this brand, so I hope to love it because that would be fun :)

bedtime lullaby

  • Bedtime Lullaby $12.95 --- My thoughts: This book is super cute! I had never seen it before, but as soon as it was time to get ready for bed, the two older girls and I snuggled up and I read them the lullabies (I know, I know, you should sing lullabies - but let's face it. I have an awful voice!). Tomorrow I'm really looking forward to plopping the CD in the xbox and singing along with the girls. I know it will be a special bonding time for us. The illustrations are cute too!

The total retail value for my bluum Month 2 box is $50.84, and I paid $24.95.

I liked this box. It wasn't my favorite of the three boxes I've received from them (here is my Get Ready box post and then my Unboxing of Month 1). My favorite items in this box were the book, Luna bar, and the calming cream. If I liked tea, I would have loved that also!

I really love and appreciate that bluum looks for quality products for babies and moms. I like that they have my best interests at heart. I don't think any of these products are particularly age appropriate for my two month old, but I know that they will go to great use for my toddlers and me :)

Great job, bluum! <--- my affiliate link!

I also order Citrus Lane, which I have been loving as well! If you use that link, you get $10 off your first box!

What did you think of your bluum box this month??

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