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When I first began to cloth diaper, I wanted the "simplest" solution I could find.  I couldn't understand all the terms, the designs or even keep all the brands straight and so I bough 10 Medium sized Fuzzibunz pockets.

I laugh about that know, because now I think pockets are the most complicated of solutions.  Or at least take the most time!  My fav with my 3rd go around with cloth diapering has been flats and covers.  I can't tell you how easy this has been, how cost efficient, and how much it has renewed my cloth diaper energy.

Here's my routine... if you need a little sellin' mama, here it comes!

-Out of the wash, I fold my flats into a rectangle and then fold it over three "hot dog" folds until I have it the width of my typical cover.

-I put them in the drawer.

-I grab a cover and place the flat inside

-I snap the cover on

And then, when I go to change baby, if the cover isn't soiled, I just simply replace the flat/prefold and I'm ready to go.  Less laundry, less fuss!

I mean are you getting my drift?  EASY PEASY!!!!  (insert my sweet oldest's voice here)

My husband loves it, my baby sitters love it, and I love it.  Can I get a whoo whoo from any other flats & covers mamas??!! ;)

With my love of this system, I was pretty excited to get to try out a newly updated cover from Bummis called the Simply Lite.  And of course I love the print so it was a no brainer! (I'm predictable, I know, I know!)

The Simply Lite is a One Size cover sized to fit 8lbs to 35lbs.  It has 3 adjustable rise settings, however there is only one center rise snap on the smallest setting.  The cover is made of a PUL waterproofing fabric.  It has a front flap for you to lay your flat/prefold etc. inside.  You will notice in the picture below that it doesn't have a back pocket like the BG Flip does.  You may notice that your flat/prefold may move around and shift a bit more.  You could also easily use this as a cover for your favorite fitted to make a great night time solution.

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Now let me tell you a little bit about how it compares to the over covers in my life. The covers I use most often are the Grovia Shell (aff. link) and the BG Flip cover (aff. link).   You can see pictured below how they compare in size.  The Simply Lite is in the middle, giving the most "average" width and coverage.  I love the trimness of the Grovia, especially with my little gal, but with boys it may be too narrow, and find the BG Flip to often be too wide.  The Simply Lite is like the goldielocks in-between the two when it comes to width and coverage... just right.

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I'm sad to say that other than the just right width, I didn't find much else about this cover to be my favorite.  I'm not quite sure why there isn't a center snap on all of the rise settings, so when I put the diaper in the middle rise it created a yucky bunching in the front of the diaper that wasn't very esthetically pleasing.  As far as I could tell, this didn't really change the efficiency of the diaper, but I really couldn't get over how funny it looked (see picture below to see what I'm talking about.)

And then there was how bulky it got when I put the flat in.  The Grovia Shell gives such a perfect hug to both the flat and babies tushie that you can't even see the outline of the flat.  This was not so much the case with the Simply Lite.  Again, you'll see this in the picture below.

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Last but not least, (don't have a picture of this one) the elastic on her back and legs left red marks after 10 minutes of wear.  Not usually a problem I have with cloth diapering, so this was quiet disappointing.  Boo!

I'm always super disappointed when I don't fall in love with a new diaper I try.  Finding new ways to cloth diaper is so exciting to me.  But hey, ya win some, ya lose some.  And I know plenty of mamas who love the Bummis Simply Lite cover.

Have you tried the Bummis Simply Lite?  If so I would love to hear your experience with this diaper.  Maybe I won't feel so crazy after all.  Or maybe I will.  That's okay too ;)

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