Charcoal Facial Detox: Sponsored by Kissed by the Moon {Review}

face wash 1 Back in the day, I used to work for a dermatologist.  It was one of those college jobs that simply paid the bills rather than being my life's passion.  What the reason that got me there, it sure did teach me a lot about skin care.  There are so many things in our everyday skin products that are actually harming our skin and doing more damage than good.  For instance, many common face washes strip away the healthy skin oils, causing the oil glads to then overproduce, leading to breakouts.  It's all about a delicate balance with our skin, it is after all one of our most sensitive organs.

{review of} Charcoal Facial Detox- Sponsored by Kissed by the Moon

I loved getting to integrate this great Charcoal Facial Detox wash by Destiny's Boutique.  Our great sponsors over at Kissed by the Moon sell it in their online shop.  Did you know you could get great things for YOU and baby there?!  They are pretty awesome, and have the best customer service!

{the verdict}

My skin care regimen had been severely lacking before this little addition.  I won't even tell you what I was using as my cleanser, because it's embarrassing, and I know better!  First off, the packaging.  The font, the bottle shape, the colors.  Love it all.  Annnnnddddd it comes out black.  Yeah, that's right, black.  I started with of course splashing my face with some puke-warm water and then put a pee-size drop of the cleanser on my hand.  Then rubbed it together and created a little lather and then... well you know how it goes.

With my old (horrible) cleanser, I was left with this dry, stiff feeling on my face.  After using the Charcoal Facial Detox cleanser, my face not only felt clean, but perfectly balanced.  I actually made me excited for the next time I would get to wash my face.  :)

Charcoal is really the cool idea behind this wash.  Who knew it had such amazing properties outside of an amazing BBQ?!  This specially processed activated kind can adsorb nasty organics and environmental junk better than any other known substance rendering them ineffective and harmless.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.

fash wash 2


  • the natural, good for your skin items used in this cleanser
  • the fun, hip fonts and packaging
  • the black color
  • the awesome, clean but not dry feeling after use
  • locally made, not imported
  • fortified with aloe vera to soothe and nurture and green tea and chamomille extract for anti-oxidant protection

{to consider}

  • really nothing that I can think off!


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I'm telling you, go buy it! $14.99 is such a great price for this product, and it will last you a good 4-6 months if you don't over use it.

Kissed by the Moon is running some great sales right now too!  Head on over and get an even better deal by stocking up your cart and getting some more goodies for both you and the babe!

Happy face washing! ;)

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