Cheers to the New Year


I started this blog for the third time in February 2013. I say for the third time because I started this a long time ago (was first The Mama Collective), then I did it over on Blogger (as, and then made my home here, at A Mama Collective. I'm so blessed to have done so much, worked with some incredibly wonderful companies, built community with other blogging moms, and most especially, been able to write and build a community with other mothers.

My goal has always been and will always be to have a sense of togetherness here on A Mama Collective. I want this to be a safe place where we as women, as wives, as mothers, as sisters, as daughters, can be who we truly are and be able to feel at home. I ultimately would love to have even more collaboration with guest writers and posts, that anyone can feel that she have a place where she can be heard.

That is my goal-- to be with you on this motherhood journey. We all need the love of friends, we all need the assurance that what we're doing is just right for our families and for where we are in life, and we all need, above anything else, to be told that we're good. You, my friend, are good.

We all need, above anything else, to be told that we're good. You, my friend, are good. <--- Tweet this.

I thank you for riding along with us the past ten months, and I'm SO excited about what the next year will bring. I can assure you it will be hard at times, it will be sad at times, it will be sweaty at times, but it can always, in every moment, be filled with joy. We just need to pause to see it and to let it resonate in our souls.

Peace to you, friend, and cheers to the New Year.

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