I choose to respect you despite our differences.

I choose to embrace you no matter how far I watch you fall.

I choose to acknowledge that your sins are no greater or less than mine. Our sins are our sins.

I choose to say that while I do not say our sins are good, I know you are ultimately good.

I choose to cry out in love when I am around you, and to show you that you are a precious child of God's.

I choose to set aside my initial quick judgments to put on His love.

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I choose to say that you are worthy of the perfection of the Father.

I choose to say that I am worthy of His love as well.

I choose to give you my empathy, my compassion when you enter on hard times.

I choose to fight through those times with you.

I choose to laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry.

I choose to remind you that you are an incredibly made image of the perfect God.

I choose to lay down my struggles at the feet of the Father so as to put on the armor of love.

I choose to say that We are all His.

I choose Him as my light.

He is the sunset colliding with our humanity. Creating perfection within our souls. A place for Him to dwell and to rest and to reflect and to shine.

I choose to give Him that place. I choose to look for the sunsets with which He meets me. I choose to let Him make me shine.

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