Chubby Elephant Cloth Diapers {Review}

{what kind of diaper} Chubby Elephant Cloth Diapers

chubby elephant hybrid

As you know, we here at A Mama Collective are always on the lookout for new, fun, well-made diapers. So we received the opportunity to review Chubby Elephant Diapers, we were thrilled to do a review of this hybrid diaper. Laura is a WAHM, and she carries some of the cutest prints out there! Here is a little about her and her company:

I'm Laura, owner and creator of Chubby Elephant Diapers. I have been cloth diapering my son since he was born in October 2010. I developed my cloth diaper pattern in February 2012 and started sewing diapers for my son. I opened up a shop on facebook selling double sided cotton velour cloth wipes and decided to put my diapers through testing. I found out I was pregnant last June so I took a break from sewing. In November, I wanted to get back into making diapers so I started working on setting up my shop on Hyena Cart.

My little girl was born at home in February and we moved into a new house in April so I recently started to pick things up again with sewing diapers. It's a fun hobby; I love being able to cut up pieces of fabric and sew them into something functional for my kids! Plus they're cute! I love fabric shopping! There are so many amazing prints out there and I love putting them on babies' bottoms!

My goal is to provide adorable/fun prints and a fit people will love along with excellent customer service! Thanks for taking the time to look through my shop!

{what kind of diaper} Chubby Elephant Hybrid Fitted Diapers

While I do think my stash is quite versatile, with many different brands, styles and types, I had never tried a hybrid fitted before. I have used other fitteds that required a cover, but disliked the bulkiness of the fitted + cover + clothes over baby’s bum. When I was introduced to the idea of a hybrid fitted, I was very intrigued! A hybrid fitted is a similar concept to a fitted, however it doesn’t require a cover. It has a hidden layer of waterproofing sewn into the diaper. Yeah, I know… amazing! Not only does the cuteness of the print not have to be covered up, but it’s also a whole lot less bulky than putting a cover over the fitted. Double win!

ce dipe

The Chubby Elephant hybrid fitted Laura sent us is made with a woven cotton outer (she normally makes them with a knit woven outer for maximum stretch, but she knew my babe was on the smaller side, so she sent a less stretchy dipe), and the inner contains a hidden layer of fleece and a cotton velour inner. Then soaker is petal style and snaps right into the back of the diaper. In all you have 3 layers in the soaker, and 6 layers of bamboo fleece in the very absorbent base.

inside of  ce

{the verdict}

My daughter wore this diaper on multiple occasions for up to three hours, and we had no leaks! I could barely even feel the wetness on the outside of the diaper when I changed her. Laura made this diaper to fit a range of 15-30lbs. My daughter is right at the 15 lb mark, and it fit her perfectly!

chubby monkey top and back on baby

When I prepped this diaper, I did notice that the fabric on the inner was affected. It seemed to shrink and become a little distorted in shape. This didn’t affect the function or absorbency of the diaper in the least bit, but it was a bit of a bummer to see it come out of the wash like that. This is what Laura had to say about the soaker:

I think this soaker was a part of the batch of bamboo that I failed to prep before sewing. Some of my daughter's diapers were made in the same batch and the soakers look similar :( I know that it doesn't effect the function of the diaper, but I know that it's very annoying to have soakers that look like this. After I realized what was going on, I have been prepping all of my fabrics before sewing so this won't be a problem with future diapers.

chubby monkey pilling


  • The CUTEST prints (and she does custom orders!)
  • Cross-over snaps to adjust to just the right size on baby
  • Great elastic/stretch on the leg gussets and back (no red marks, but snug)
  • No PUL!
  • Natural fibers and fabrics
  • WAHM-made, so it is handmade and usually one-of-a-kind!
  • Great fit
  • Sized diaper

{to consider}

  • Shrunk/shape distortion in the dryer
  • Longer dry time
  • Not a one-size-fits-all (but she does have an option for one-size-fits-all)


LOVE this diaper! Excited that I am just at the beginning of the size range so I can get some great use out of it. I have already been thinking about what shirts and dresses I can pair it with to leave the cute pattern exposed :)

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