Last weekend my daughter had a bad fall, it resulted in a trip to the hospital and a minor procedure to get her fixed up.  In the days following, I think she forgot all about it thanks to all the loving people who brought her little treats and presents.  When we received our Citrus Lane box for December 2013, she thought this was just another gift someone was giving her "for being so brave!"  I'm gonna let her go with that one ;) citrus lane 1

If you haven't heard of Citrus Lane yet, I'm not sure who you are.  Haha, jk.  But common, really?? Citrus Lane is a subscription box that prides itself on "Free Shipping, Mom Approved and Personalized" products that come in an adorable box once a month.  You pay a monthly fee of $25 and they guarantee that it will be well worth the money you spend.


Here are the products that I received in my December 2013 Citrus Lane box for my Preschool aged daughter:

citrus lane 2

Handprint Art Kit from Pearhead RV$14.99: my thoughts

This was kind of a flop gift for me.  I don't really have a real use for this, outside of doing the 4 minute project of stamping her hand on the canvas and calling it a day.  I love keepsakes, and I am super sentimental, don't get me wrong, but I would NEVER pay $15 bucks to have her handprint when I could just as easily do this on a piece of paper for about 5 cents.

citrus lane 3

Create a Craft from Melissa and Doug RV $6.99 :my thoughts

We love Melissa and Doug products.  So much better than half of the crappy plastic toys lying around my house.  The only thing that I don't love about this one is how quickly the "toy" is over.  The afternoon after we received our box, I went to start some laundry and left my 3.5 year old with her Princess.  In about 5 minutes, she had finished glittering, stickering and coloring her into oblivion and was ready to move on to the next thing.  Bummer.


citrus lane 4

Snuggly Lotion from Episencial RV $11.99: my thoughts


I am pretty much never a fan of getting lotion as a gift for myself, but for my kids, it's a whole different story.  Especially when it's a good quality lotion.  Episencial uses organic ingredients in their lines, which I appreciate.  This one has avocado, flax and primrose oils in it; all good!  Only down fall to this lotion for us, is that one of my kids has extra sensitive skin and horrible eczema patches.  Lotions like these that have fragrances to them tend to aggravate the eczema, so this won't be able to go on him.  But for the other kids, it's a win!

citrus lane 5


Watch from Crocodile Creek RV $12.99: my thoughts

This was my daughter's favorite item in the box!!  When she opened it, she was immediately captivated by the watch and said "I've always wanted a waaatttchhh!"  Always, huh?  This little watch is just prefect for her too.  Pink, check!  Flowers, check!  Durable band, check!  And even if she has NO CLUE how to tell time, it's so funny to hear her tell me "it's 30 o'clock mom.  Time to make dinner."

The total retail value for Citrus Lane December 2013 Preschooler box is $46.96.  That's a pretty great value.  The only bummer for me is that I really wouldn't have bought any of these items had I not received them.  Maybe subscription boxes are just not for me.  I like to have control over each of my purchases, surprises are far too hard! haha Says the one who peeks are her christmas presents still!!!  (shhh... don't tell!)

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What did you think of your December Citrus Lane box??