Citrus Lane Review and Unboxing

Um. This Citrus Lane box was uh-mazing. I was surprised to get one (maybe someone gifted it to me (??), and to you I say THANK YOU!) because I don't even have my right credit card number in my account on Citrus Lane, but hey, I'll take it! It was sent for my four year old daughter.

And it definitely did NOT disappoint. This box was pretty awesome.

citrus lane

Let's say I paid the $29, here are the contents of the box added up:

The value of the box is around $30.94, but that surprises me. I would have expected it to be valued at more! Anyway, I'm super excited about the bracelet making kit, the adorable frisbee and that bento box is AWESOME. Oh, and the wipes? Totally will use those.

The cookies were in my belly immediately after making the unboxing video. Consumed. Delicious.

I'm a happy reborn Citrus Lane-r. Maybe I'll have to change my credit card information after all...

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