Citrus Lane graced us with its presence again this month -- a special box for my four year old daughter, Lia. They KILLED it, again. Citrus Lane is a subscription box that prides itself on "Free Shipping, Mom Approved and Personalized" products that come in an adorable box once a month.

Citrus Lane Review.jpg

The total retail value for this Citrus Lane box is $37.59.

I'm so in love with this box. SO MUCH. You can spend $21-29/month, depending on which plan you buy, and Citrus Lane stalks you and finds out everything you need! Ha, no really that part, but really, this box is awesome. I find that the boxes have been really great for us as my daughter gets older.

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Oh, and in case you wanted to see me unbox and maybe hear my girlies in the background, here ya go::

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