Cloth Diaper Evolution

My, how times have changed.

I love seeing the evolution of cloth diapers even within my own household.

I used to love pocket diapers. Now, I almost hate them.

I used to hate prefolds and covers. Now, I love flats and can't get enough covers.

I used to care less about "natural" fibers in cloth diapers. Now, I prefer them.

I used to love doing cloth diaper laundry.... oh wait, I still love that. I'm weird, I know.

It's so funny how with each baby and each body type and each phase in life, we prefer one little thing compared to another. Little thing, big thing, it actually doesn't matter. Life changes and so do our moods and our preferences and how we like to work. Thankfully, cloth diapers have enough variety that I'm never bored (well, my husband may say that's a negative of cloth diapers, I can never get enough!).

Here is a cute shot of both my girls around the same ages in different cloth diapers. I love this shot.

How have you witnessed the cloth diaper evolution in your household?

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