Cloth Diaper Stash

So I thought I would do my [very first] cloth diaper stash video! After like 20 attempts and then problems uploading, I have finally gotten the video up and (hopefully) running!

I just wanted to write down what is actually in my stash, so just in case I spoke too quickly or you didn't catch what I said, you would be able to see exactly what I have:


  • CuteyBaby Wet Bag

  • Planet Wise Large Hanging Wet Bag

  • Planet Wise Medium Wet Bag

  • Dinkledooz Small Wet Bag

  • Bumkins Cloth Wipes

  • Fleece scraps from Joann's


Well, that's all folks! My daughter is one and probably around 23 lbs. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there are any specific diapers you'd like me to go into more detail about. I love to talk about this stuff!

My favorites (right now) are the itti bitti d'lish AIO (check out my review), the Swaddlbees Simplex 2.0 (check out my review), and the GroVia AIO OS (check out my review).

What are the favorites in your stash right now??

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