I can't wait to have coffee with you, friend. I've done Tea on Tuesdays for a long time (do you even remember that?!), but this is differentHow?? you ask.

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Well, let me tell you. This time I don't want to throw links at you and tell you all about things that I'm loving or that I'm posting and all that other fabulousness stuff. This time I want to hear from you.

I want to hear about your week, what sucked, what was freaking awesome. What your kiddo did that made you laugh and laugh and laugh.

I want to hear about your crappy boss or the guy who cut you off and ruined your entire day. I want to hear about the Target trips that you scored tons of sales and didn't have anyone to share the great news with.

This is about you (and still a little bit of me), but mostly YOU.

First off, I'm drinking a grande dark roast coffee with vanilla and cream from Starbucks. And a blueberry muffin because I just can't resist. We're at a table right next to the big windows, and when people walk in, I can feel the heat coming and warming up my skin. The summer isn't so sweet here (already in the 100s), but it feels nice when you're sitting in an icebox.

What's been going on? you ask.


This week I was cancelled at work one of my days, and in the past, I would have been so upset that we were losing money and not taking advantage of my great job. But this week? This week I needed that break. So badly. It was so nice to take a day where I had NO plans simply because I was supposed to be at work, and I got to play a little bit of catch up. It was just what my little soul needed. Catch up time. Listening to Pandora time. People-watching with no other plans on the horizon. To simply sit. Dang, it was good for me. (Our babysitter was with the girls since she was supposed to be there any way, so I took advantage of this rare day.) SO good.


This week was hard AGAIN with the girls acting out with the babysitter. I truly don't know what to do. I know this sitter is new (she's been with us for maybe a month), but I feel like the girls should be acting really great with her and then EVENTUALLY show their crazy side. Nope, they went straight for the crazy. The sitter lets me know when it's been a hard day, and then my heart breaks because I honestly feel helpless. I get anxiety at work because I literally cannot do anything to fix the situation. They don't act like that with me, only with the sitter so I'm truly at a loss. Any words of wisdom?

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So that's where the part about me ends, and the part about you begins. Comment below with your highs and/or lows and/or anything else you want to share. I want to hear it. I want to do this thang with you.

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If you have a blog, feel free to link up below with your own version of our Coffee Date. Jenna of Dearest Love and I (best name ever, amiright?) want to read your favorite post about your week, your post about your highs and lows, your post catching us up on what's new with you. Link it up, giirl (or guy, but I don't know how many guys are reading this).

1. What are your highs and lows from this week? Comment below and let's chat. 2. Link up your favorite post from this past week. Make sure it's one that will allow us to get to know you more.

Rules of the linkup: Only link up the url of your blog post, not your blog homepage. Make sure to visit and comment on at least 2 other links! After all, that is what this link up is all about--getting to know one another!

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