Coffee? Smoothie? Tea?

...pick your poison. Jenna of Dearest Love and I are beyond thrilled to see you again at our coffee date!

So, what's been going on this week?

The Highs

+ I have been with the girls a whoooolleee heck of a lot (again). Meaning, I didn't work all week. Sheesh, it's hard on my pocketbook. HOWEVER. My heart is happy and resting in them. I love it. I know you all have heard this song and dance before, but truly, it's special to be with them, even if I'm losing money from not being at work. I love it. I'm trying to REALLY soak it up.

the girls

+ I'm continuing to work on Blessed Is She. I am super excited about the devotions starting in September, and am absolutely floored at the devotions that the incredible writers have written. They're beautiful. The writers and the posts. I'm thrilled. And I can't wait to see what comes of this beautiful community of women. If you haven't done so, head over here to subscribe to get the devotions in your email everrryyy day :)

The Lows

- I've had a hard week adjusting to the newness of school and a new schedule with the girls. Mike and I need to transition into this new time -- both the older girls started school -- but sometimes it's hard to transition when people like to do things their own ways. So, Mike and I need to find a groove with each other and how we can best work as a team in the mornings, getting them ready, doing this new deal. It's weird and feels adult-like. Can't I just be 18 again?

What you may have missed:

Change the Effect // "I don’t need to carry about the bitterness or the hurt or the pain or the rejection, I can set it at the foot of the Lamb and ask for the grace — GRACE — to keep trucking and keep moving and keep loving despite the evil. I can continue to love even when I think that I can’t. Even when I don’t want to. I can receive the grace from Him who waits for me, and I can stop the spread of evil and change it to love."

These Hard Weeks // "This vicious cycle, it has its ups and its downs. It has its rhythms. It releases emotions that have been suppressed because I can’t cry while doing the dishes and folding the laundry. But I can cry when it’s just me, in my corner, working through the fog. These hard weeks, they release me."

Some posts I've loved:

  • When Pregnancy Wasn't the Plan // "So please don’t think I’m not thankful. Or that I’m taking this gift for granted. Even though this is probably the biggest curve ball life has ever thrown at us, we are so in love with this little baby."
  • I'm OBSESSED with all of these printables. Dang, Danielle is talented as crap.
  • I loved these tips from The Nectar Collective about staying healthy even if you're busy. I need to make more smoothies! Easy peasy way to get some goooood nutrients. And delish, duh.

I was recently introduced to Gemma, who I kinda love now. Her post last date was short and sweet. I am mostly drawn to really beautiful visuals, and Gemma's site doesn't let up. it's beautiful. I want to rest there, all day err'day. I'm weird, I know. I love meeting creatives who push me to be better, though, so I'm soaking in that.

A Mama Collective

What's new? Was your week good, bad, mediocre? How is your prayer life? How is your family life? How is work? GIMME ALL THE DETAILS.

Thanks, kisses :)

A Mama Collective

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