Coffee Time with You and Me

Hey guys! Jenna of Dearest Love and I are beyond thrilled to see you again at our coffee date!

So, what's been going on this week?


This week has been a whole lot of craziness. I have been getting cancelled a lot (see in the "lows" section), but with all of these crazy cancellations, I have been spending an amazing amount of time with the girls. It is treasure, being with them. Especially on the days where I thought I wouldn't be with them. It is a huge blessing to snuggle and kiss and read books and go to the park and do all of those things when I thought I wouldn't see them for a whole entire day. Truly a treasure. I love it, so so so much.

(Remind me I said all of this on the crappy days where I want to pull my hair out!)


I've been getting cancelled a lot (see highs on why this isn't so bad). It kind of sucks - being in a position where you think you can help provide for your family financially and then realizing that you can't. I am supposed to work three days a week, but when my job calls me and says, "Never mind, we don't need you today," it sucks. That's income we relied on, income that was going to pay for a dance class or a soccer class or some new clothes.

It's weird, having fluctuating income when before it was reliable. I know that all things go through ebbs and flows, so for right now, I'm going to bask in being with the girls on the days when I least expected it.

then there's you.jpg

What's new? Was your week good, bad, mediocre? How is your prayer life? How is your family life? How is work? GIMME ALL THE DETAILS.

Thanks, kisses :)

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