Yayayayay, it's been entirely too long! Jenna of Dearest Love and I are beyond thrilled to have another coffee date with you all! So, tell me, tell me, what have you been up to?

Here's me:

This week has been a little bit crazy!

T H E  H I G H S  / / I've finally gotten my hours some more at work, which I am SO insanely grateful for! Now I don't have to worry so much about where the money is going, I know that it is coming back in from the hard work that I put out. I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful for a job where I can help others and feel good when I come home. I love that aspect of my work.

I spent some quality time with my parents last night. They are truly such an inspiration for Mike and me. No matter the hard times that Mike and I go through, I always look to my parents as an incredible example of commitment in marriage. I am so beyond thankful to have their example in my life. I truly think that many people treat their current relationships based on how they were raised or the commitments they saw growing up. So I'm grateful that they have stuck it out, in good times and bad, in the past 30 years of their married lives. Truly amazing.

T H E  L O W S  / / Lucia and I have been sick most of the week, so that part was kind of crazy. I have had a sore throat/sinus issues, and Lucia has had congestion and cough sort of stuff. It's been so crappy. There is truly nothing worse then seeing your baby sick or in pain :( I hated it! But I'm hoping we made it through the worst of it and that we continue to get better through the weekend (prayers, please?!)

Because of how sick Lucia was feeling, she just wanted to be on me all the time she could be. Even if I needed to be cooking or cleaning or getting something done, she wanted to always be touching me. She is seriously so stinking sweet.