Comfort & Harmony mombo Nursing Pillow {Review}

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{review of} Comfort & Harmony mombo Nursing Pillow

Comfort & Harmony is a company under Bright Stars, and they pride themselves on providing the ultimate comfortable and soothing experience for you and your baby. They make and sell bouncers & rockers, swings, nursing pillows, and seat covers. I was excited to be able to review the mombo Nursing Pillow in Tweet Life, an adorable pattern with cute birds and nature scenery.

mombo review

{the verdict} mombo Nursing Pillow in Tweet Life

This nursing pillow definitely sets itself apart from the rest. I've tried a Boppy pillow (original - they recently revamped their nursing pillows)and didn't love it, and I've used My Brest Friend with both of my older daughters and really enjoyed it. I was excited that the mombo was different than the others.

The mombo Nursing Pillow has a double feature design - one side of the pillow is a soft, comfy, cushiony-side for baby to relax and either rest on or eventually do some tummy time on, while the other side of the pillow is the firm side, which is best for nursing support. Comfort & Harmony went out of its way to think of great uses for a one-pillow-show! One side for mom, one side for baby. So cool.

mombo Collage 1

The Tweet Life slipcover features a zipper at the top that, when unzipped, shows a little pocket in the pillow. This is where the vibrating feature comes in. It is a little removable plastic piece that can be turned on to make the pillow vibrate! So when baby is relaxing on the soft, cozy side, the pillow is also proving soothing vibrations! How cool is that?

The zipper also means that this baby is washable! I LOVE that. You can also buy different patterned slipcovers so while you're washing one, you have another on hand.

This pillow is SUPER soft, and on the soft, cushiony side, it has adorable additions that I really appreciated. The little bird and the exposed stitching were welcomed designs for when baby gets bigger and starts wanting to touch and feel and explore different textures.

Here are a couple shots of me nursing little Lucia in the mombo Nursing Pillow:

personal momboI really enjoyed using this pillow, especially while working on the blog post! It was comfy to sit at our dining room table and have the support of the pillow as opposed to holding her up with my arm for an extended time period.

I also took a couple shots of the pillow while Lucia wasn't nursing. I wanted to show that, while I'm not a petite person, it seems like it is not a one-size-fits-all type of pillow. Check it out:

mombo Collage 2I'm not holding up the pillow AT ALL while taking these pictures - which is great support for me. BUT if I was any larger or put on a few extra pounds, I feel like my waist wouldn't exactly fit inside of the pillow (and there is no way to adjust the pillow).

The mombo pillow also has a "Deluxe" version, but I couldn't exactly figure out how the Deluxe was different than the regular mombo, but it doesn't seem to be a sizing different.


  • super soft materials
  • Soft 2 Firm Comfort (one side soft for baby, one side firm for mama)
  • adorable patterns and prints
  • washable (!!)
  • removable vibrating feature
  • supportive for nursing

{to consider}

  • on the smaller side and not adjustable


I really enjoyed this pillow A LOT. I didn't think I would like it so much - I'm on the third baby and figured I was used to nursing and didn't need much support. I was wrong. From the moment I used this, I appreciated having it. I do wish that it had some sort of adjustability to it, but that is my only complaint. I'm glad to have the mombo Nursing Pillow - especially in this adorable print!

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Kids II. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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