Comfy Joey Collage - A Mama CollectiveThis review is going to be a little bit different - both Mary and I were so kind as to share with each other the gorgeous Comfy Joey Ring Sling for this collective review!

We received the Comfy Joey best-selling linen collection ring sling in Coral Rose from the beautiful Ayesha, founder and owner of Comfy Joey.

Jenna's Review of the Comfy Joey

When the Coral Rose linen showed up at my door, I was floored at how beautiful it was. The color was so luscious and vibrant and comforting at the same time. The weave felt so strong and secure in my hands, in a way that I knew this would offer optimal support to both my babe and me.

I couldn't wait to put it on.

Babywearing is essential to my life. It is a daily occurrence that Lucia is up close to me, whether that be in my Boba 3G Organic Carrier (review here) or in my Maya Wrap ring sling. The Comfy Joey, however, is different than any other ring sling I've worn before.

The Maya Wrap, as pictured below (photo credit), has some beautiful pleating right above the rings. The ring sling spreads well across my back, but I struggle to really spread on my shoulder to even out the support a little bit better. Maya Wrap also offers a slight cushion on the shoulder to try to maximize comfort. I find that while I try to spread this shoulder down my shoulder, the fabric slips down TOO far and basically cripples my arm from use.


I was pleased to see that the Comfy Joey is a gathered fabric, as opposed to pleated, so as to spread the fabric REALLY well across on my shoulder (but not too far down) and thus my back, giving me incredible support while wearing my babies. It is just so comfortable, and I LOVED wearing it.

It did take some tweaking to get used to the Comfy Joey vs. my Maya Wrap since they are shaped a bit differently. But once I got the hang of it, I absolutely loved the feel of the Comfy Joey. And again, the color made me want to wear it with EVERY outfit :)

Comfy Joey Review

I'm consistently surprised at how much I've enjoyed ring slings this time around in my babywearing adventures. I prefer it to buckle carriers which is a HUGE shock to me. I feel like Lucia is so much comfier in a ring sling - she isn't constricted to fit into a buckle carrier's existent frame - the fabric of a ring sling conforms to HER instead. I feel as though that is how she felt in the womb, squished up in there, comfy as can be. And now I can offer her that comfort outside of the womb, right up close to my heart where she can feel me, hear me, smell me and see me. It is an incredible feeling to have that closeness with my third child.

Mary's Review of the Comfy Joey 

comfy joey

Ring slings are hard for me, since out of about 100 times I have slinged my babes, there have only maybe been 30 times I had a good hold/fit.  The Comfy Joey sling was probably responsible for about 20 of those 30 times, so I think that speaks for itself! ;)  I know, I know, it's all about education with babywearing.  For me, watching a video is the best way to learn how to get your baby just right.  But I cannot say enough about having practice.  The more I practice, the better I get.  For ease of use, buckle carries are still my go-to.  But I much prefer the look of a ring sling.  What can I say, look and style will always be a feature on my reviews!

I love the material of the Comfy Joey, a non-stretchy linen.  This really helps get a nice snug fit without it loosening too much while wearing.  My sweet little 11 month old is at the I-cant-sit-still-for-the-life-of-me age, so I really apprciate that the Comfy Joey can keep her safe while she bounces, reaches and all-around squirms while I have her slinged.

The wash of the Comfy Joey is quite easy as well.  I simply put a sock around the ring, as to not have it banging around my washer and dryer.  It did require a good iron afterwards, to make it back to its nice, neat, pretty fabric.

comfy joey 2

And one last thing to highlight - the colors!  We picked the Coral Rose, which I love, but that was a hard choice.  I love so many of their amazing colors, the silk, the hand-dyed,  it's pretty hard to go wrong.  I've even got the dolly sling on my Christmas list for my big girl.  All in all, I'm a big fan!

Comfy Joey Collage

8 on review scale

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