Thinking about how much fun Mary and I had at a worship concert we took our 4 year olds to last night. It was such a fun "date" to have with our girls! I love taking Lia out and spending time with her, especially since I feel at times that I am neglecting my oldest girl. I loved our special time together. I also absolutely love the relationship that Mary's daughter and my Lia have. They are beautiful best friends, despite their differences in personality and interests, I know they will grow so much together to enjoy a lot of precious memories. Here is Mary's oldest, isn't she beautiful?

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Reading too many good blogs. Too damn many. They're so good. Erika from Chambanachik rocked me with this beautiful poem from her Facebook status:

"I want to write something

so simply

about love

or about pain

that even

as you are reading

you feel it

and as you read

you keep feeling it

and though it be my story

it will be common,

though it be singular

it will be known to you

so that by the end

you will think—

no, you will realize—

that it was all the while

yourself arranging the words,

that it was all the time

words that you yourself,

out of your heart

had been saying.”

― Mary Oliver

Some people just know how to speak to you, and she, she speaks to me. I can't wait until she writes a book that I can devour over and over again. Who do you love to read?

Watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Because I'm obsessed. I know, I know, it's crap TV. But seriously, I love ALL reality TV, and these ladies are top notch when it comes to Guilty Pleasures. (And, let me tell you a secret --- my hubby watches with me!!)

Thankful for incredible friends that love on my baby girls. Emily sang with our good friends at the concert, and she absolutely LOVES on my daughters. She will make an incredibly patient and special mother one day, and I can't wait to see it. Here is her loving on my Lia:

Emily - A Mama Collective

Inspiration for Currently. comes from Sometimes Sweet, so a big thank you to Julie for introducing us to this :) We are also linked up with Suscipio.

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