Thinking about this post by my internet friend, Kristen. I recently discovered (literally, just now, after reading her post) that I'm NOT the best wife in the universe. Yes, I thought I was. I literally was shoving humility deep down in the dark crevices of my soul and hopped on my really high horse called Pride and said to my husband this weekend, "The lack of cooking aside, I'm literally the best wife ever."

Then Kristen happened. And I was reminded that I can be SO much better. That I am lacking in a lot of areas. That I am dishonest. That I think I am entitled. That I am beautifully made, yes, but I need to work at being the best I can be. Not only for my children but for my HUSBAND as well. He doesn't deserve better, but I want to give him better. Because I love him. Because I started this journey with him and I want to be a healthier and happier married couple as opposed to a stagnant and empty married couple. Because I want my daughters to see true love in action. Every day.

Reading the world wide web, searching for different Lenten posts. Mary just wrote an awesome one yesterday about getting uncomfortable in Lent, and I think I am being moved by a combo of that mixed with ^^^ (being a better wifey). I found this awesome list of 31 Days of Praying for Your Husband. Maybe that can be my Lenten prayer addition. **heart stirring**

Listening to silence. No TV, no music, just my fingers on the keyboard. Sharing honesty and reality and vulnerability. Thinking to myself, I can't be the only one...

Thankful for friends that hold you accountable. My daughters that teach me about never-ending grace. My husband that kisses me spontaneously and reminds me that I'm beautiful. An incredibly blessed job and ability to work and help provide for my family. The struggle. Because it makes the growth that much more powerful. It makes the end result seem that much more accomplished. I can't wait to see how He moves in my life this Lenten season. I can't wait to see the journey that is paved out for me to discover. The ride will be so worth it.

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