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Thinking about // The hard days. The ebbs of flows of life that rock us back and forth on this rhythm that never really can be anticipated. I can't say my "hard" days are any more difficult than yours - they're not. And yours are probably even harder, but even the most trifle of complaints or frustrations or anxieties aren't small in the eyes of the Lord. He doesn't think we're small. He takes our every concern on our every hard day and He is still there. He still hugs His daughters. Every single time, on every single day. Especially on those hard days.

Reading // I am borrowing Divergent from a friend!! Woohoo!! I am so stinking excited. Soon after she lent it to me, the girls and I headed to the bookstore to play with the train table and lego blocks, and I sat down and read the book was extremely distracted by my run away baby, so only got to read to page 6. But those first six pages were good. I'm so excited to read more. I love good books. They're such great food for my soul.

Thankful for // My wonderful friends who love me even on my grumpiest days. Especially thankful for girls' nights out (even MORE so when Justin Timberlake is involved). A couple of my friends and I drove across town to go to his concert on Saturday and it was SO much fun. We got to see a gorgeous sunset on the way, and I snapped a picture of Mary snapping a picture of it:

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Taking a shot of this gorgeousness:

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Arizona sunsets are hard as heck to beat.

Photographing // This sweet girl who makes my heart sing:

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My husband Mike took the older girls to his work on Sunday morning for a few hours to get some stuff done, so I just hung out with my little Lucia, and it was so much fun. She is such a happy, sweet girl. I am so grateful for her and her radiant smile.

Loving // All of the amazing feedback on the capsule wardrobe project from my August goals. Like, seriously, you all rock. I love that so many people have started doing capsule wardrobes. I really think it's important, and that most of us need it. I know that I need to simplify and increase my creativity, so I know that working on this will really help me.

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oliviaI'm also really loving my co-host this week's blog. Olivia of To the Heights is so stinking awesome. I'm blessed to have gotten to know her a little bit more through the blogosphere. She recently had her first baby, named George, and he is so stinking cute. I love her honest blog about motherhood, making "crunchy" choices (like encapsulating her placenta!), and so many things in between. I loved this post on Defining Success, this one on Inexplicable Suffering (which seems so timely considering the horrors of what's going on in the Middle East), and most especially her post on fears in motherhood, where she says:

Motherhood has thrust me into an adventure I don’t deserve; and rather than terrifying me even more than my own imagination, it has fostered a sense of courage in my own heart.

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