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Thinking about // community. How community as a single person is so different than community with young families. How juggling this and that and life and making time for each other takes work. And how I want to put in that work. Because it means something to me. Community -- it means something. I'm called to it, my husband is called to it, our family is called to it. We've always felt a pull to be a part of a community that is committed to each other in some way. And I want to continue to pray about that. I want to continue the conversation with the Lord and see where He wants us to be. I want to continue the conversation with my husband to see which areas we can work on to get our family in a position to grow with other families.

It's important, and I want to work on it, just like every other relationship in my life. I want to work on this foundation so that we can grow into something bigger than ourselves.

{Not} Watching // Breaking Bad. Have you seen that show? My husband just turned it on, and I sat there and watched a few minutes of it, like I have in the past. I can really only stand a few minutes, and that's it. It creeps me out, I hate how it's directed, I don't like the camera angles, I don't like the overall "darkness," and I hate how incredibly depressing it is. I honestly feel like I need to go into another room and take a shower to get the grossness of the show off of me. Am I alone in this?! Mike obviously thinks I'm crazy, because he loves the show -- but I really need to know what you guys think!

Photographing // I need to get on photographing some more! I need to pull out my big camera and really get on it. I will be hosting The Peony Project's Instagram in a couple weeks, so I am going to need some good pictures for when I do that. AND I really need to get back in the swing of #the52project. ALSO I will be co-hosting Find Beauty Friday with Aimee in a couple weeks.

I really just need to feel inspired. And pulling out my camera does that for me. It helps me to really focus on the little intricacies around me and to savor in them. Especially because I typically savor the girls even more.

Feeling // A bit of anxiety about Blessed Is She's devotions starting next week (holy crap, next week!!). I am so so so so pumped about the devotions. They're gold. There are some incredible writers, and they wrote beautiful words based on the daily readings. So I need to buckle down this week and focus on getting all of the devotions together and clean and ready. I am really looking forward to the fruit that comes from this project. If you haven't subscribed yet to receive the devotions in your email, you can do so here.

Thankful for // My sweet baby Lucia's first birthday. My God, how did you give her to me?! How was I so blessed to have such an incredible girl as my daughter? I am more grateful than words could ever say. Lucia's godparents wanted to make her a cake for her birthday, so we had them over (with their three babes), and we celebrated Lucia (her nickname is Looch).

It was so fun and super chill. I don't feel up to having big birthday parties right now -- is this mean?! -- so I really enjoyed how low-key her little special cake celebration was. It was perfect for us. And I love her more than words, so just focusing on her instead of focusing on a party was a big plus for me.

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Kristen is my best blogging friend. We build each other up whenever we can, we message each other when life's feeling rough. And we get to meet in a couple of weeks at a blogging conference, and I am seriously so pumped.

Her writing is some of the best that I've seen. She's real and funny and witty and so honest put into one person and blog. I love it. I'm having a hard time picking some favorite posts, but here goes:

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