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Thinking about // Fall. Obviously! Because this is the first Currently with a "theme." --- F A L L . I kind of love this season. I hate cold and I hate hot (who doesn't?), so this is literally the best season ever. It's perfect. And the beauty of this season blows me away.

Fall Collage

Watching // The best shows are coming back!! I'm so stinking excited. I'm mostly excited for Scandal, although I've heard some people say that they really don't like this show -- is there a particular reason? Do you like Scandal or no?

Thankful for // Every single one of you. I asked on Facebook your thoughts on this bag, and you all were so honest with me! I fell in L O V E with this bag at TJ Maxx, but it was $130!!! Sooo many dollars. And it was regularly $230 (I'm pretty sure it's real leather!), so it was nearly half off. But still. Way too much for me and my wallet right now. But damn did I want it. So I thought If I have the virtual "go-ahead" from readers, then I'll totally get it!"

And man was I wrong. Y'all gave me a fervent Heck to the no! So, really, you were helpful. Helpful to me for not fighting with my husband over this purchase, helpful to me since you gave me answers right then and there, and helpful to my wallet!

Seriously, you all rock. Thank you.