Currently. Link-Up {Vol. 3}

Thinking about all of the many things that I need to get done today. Aren't our laundry lists just INSANE? Also, why are they called "laundry lists"?? That's just strange in itself. I am hoping that doing this post this morning will give me ample time to cuddle with the girls later instead of trying to distract them enough to get some stuff done ;) We will see how it goes.

Oh, and I'm also thinking about my almost 4 year old's hair cut she gave herself yesterday while I was at my sister-in-law's house. She chopped off her curly locks on one side of her head. I was so bummed because I loved her hair long! But, she went for it. And then we went and got her very first hair cut done. She was so sweet the whole time.

Lia's First Haircut - A Mama Collective

Reading: I'm still eating up "Natural Birth Stories" by Shannon Brown of Growing Slower. It's so good! And this week you will be able to win a copy for yourself, so stay on the lookout for the review and giveaway of this great ebook :)

Listening to Lucia squirm in her crib. I nursed her already, and now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she goes back to sleep. I can't be having a baby waking up at 5am and thinking this is an acceptable time to wake! We already have the older girls waking at that time, so I'd like to keep ONE sleeping for a little big longer.

Watching nothing right this minute. I'm hiding in my bed (again!) trying to be super quiet and not disturb anyone. Siena is my lover and cuddler, and she is watching The Incredibles with Mike and distracted.

Thankful for the incredible gift of my family. And for you all. Your comments and encouragement about me going back to work have really helped me to not feel alone in my sadness about going back. I've done it twice before, but this for sure does NOT get easier as you get used to it. It always SUCKS. But I'm grateful that I have other moms who have been there, and who tell me that I'm going to be okay... even when I think I'm not going to be. Thank you thank you, friends.

Inspiration for Currently. comes from Sometimes Sweet, so a big thank you to Julie for introducing us to this :)

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