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Thinking about how wonderful Mass was yesterday. It was so incredibly convicting, and such a beautiful reminder that no matter what I do, no matter where I go, the Lord loved me first. I could spend my days doing anything or nothing at all, and His love is there. Constant. How much is that the same way we love our own children?! It is an incredible feeling, knowing that I can remain in His love, just as my girls do, no matter what it is they do. They can be reminded, You are loved. And so are you.

Reading --- I just started reading Shannon of Growing Slower's wonderful new book, "Natural Birth Stories." This book has 32 incredible natural birth stories as well as advice from fellow mothers to help guide and give you the emotional support to have a natural childbirth of your own. Read about Lucia's natural childbirth here.

Listening to Tangled. I mean, do moms hear anything else besides Disney movies and Disney soundtracks and Disney laughter and --- you get the idea.

Watching The Voice tonight! I so can't wait - Knockout Rounds! WOohoo! I know, I know, I'm a dork, but it's a little bit of a vacation for me when I get to sprawl out on the couch and vicariously live through people living out their passions and dreams. It's kinda cool.

Thankful for my incredibly strong mother. She just ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. yesterday. She is such an warrior queen, doing her thing - what she's passionate about. I love when people live out their passions and dreams. I think I said that already. But really, is there nothing better in life? Truly I submit that there is not!

You, my friend, find your passion and go do it today. Set aside everything else and do what makes you come alive. I want to hear about it. Is it doing art with your toddler, is it reading Twilight with your teenage daughter (or not), is it asking your partner to watch the kids and going on a run, is it sitting down to start writing the novel you always dreamed of writing?

What is it you dream of?


Inspiration for Currently. comes from Sometimes Sweet, so a big thank you to Julie for introducing us to this :)

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