Currently. Monday Link-Up {Vol. 2}

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Thinking about how utterly exhausted I have felt over the last couple weeks. (no, no, no, I'm not pregnant for those of you whose first thought jumped to that. ;))  My kids haven't been sleeping well, thus waking me up multiply times in the middle of the night.  There is a lot on my plate at work, and add my normal home duties and stress and it can feel like "too much!"  My mind keeps coming back to my commitment to my kids, to my family.  To not allowing this exhaustion to become the "norm," but still taking care of my needs and the needs of my family with as much patience, grace and strength I can muster.  But honestly, dealing with my two-year-old's temper tantrums when I'm exhausted is just icing on the cake (insert a lot of sarcasm there!).

Reading sadly, nothing at the moment.  I really do find solace in a good book, but don't have one I am currently in the midst of.  That does remind me though that I have one on hold at the library that I need to go pick up!  Anyways, I'm super excited about The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle  that we just put up today.  Did you see all the e-books that are included in that -- 86!  And a lot are books that I am actually looking forward to reading.  Definitely jumping on that deal!

Listening to John Legend.  I grew up listening to R&B and soul music, and it still is a great love of mine.  If you are not familiar with John Legend, I highly recommend you remedy that right now.  He has a new album out called, Love in the Future (affiliate link) that is amazing!  Great love songs too.

Watching Parenthood.  Can't. get. enough.  About a year ago, I went through and caught up on all the seasons through Netflix and fell in love with this series.  Such good, wholesome family TV.  Not many shows that showcase family life like this one.

Thankful for my dear, wonderful husband.  We just celebrated his birthday on Saturday and if you know me, you know Birthday's are a big deal!  A true celebration of the gift of life!  My husband couldn't probably care less about his birthday, but he is kind enough to oblige my desire to make the day special and unique.  We enjoyed both family time and alone time, and even some friend time.  All in all, it was a great birthday weekend (and he says the same).  But even more than the time to celebrate, I'm mostly grateful for the man of honor that he is.  He daily sacrifices so much for me and our kids, humbly laying his life down, just as he vowed.  Loving me, all of me, despite my often messy, exhausted, impatient self.  He is always there.  Always my best friend.  Always on my side.  I couldn't be prouder to be his wife!

Inspiration for Currently. comes from Sometimes Sweet, so a big thank you to Julie for introducing us to this :)

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