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Thinking about how much I yearn for community. I have such a passion and love for community and sharing our lives with others. Since meeting my husband and seeing the way he was raised and grew up, I've wanted it so badly. I want my kids to be able to go outside and meet other kiddos and ride bikes and walk to school and all of the other crazy fun stuff neighborhood kids do.

I want to raise my children alongside like-minded parents and friends. I want to feel like I have friends that know me, and not just know me in passing, but know my heart, that know my weaknesses and my positive traits. That is when I feel that a friendship is at its best, and that's the type of friendship I want to invest in.

And I want my daughters to have that same experience in their own lives.


Reading this incredible post at Beautiful Undefined. I've been thinking these things so much recently as well. Alicia writes, "Let me say this: your ache to be beautiful is not vanity. It is not pride or arrogance. It is the heart of God within you wanting to be released to the world."

I just bought some beautiful flowers yesterday and my husband complained that I wasted money on them (we've been trying to Dave Ramsey like nobody's business -- yes, I just used his name as a verb). I responded to him that these flowers will last a long time and are so pretty! Not a waste!

But what I wanted to tell him is this: I long for this. I long for this beauty. I need this beauty like I need air. It isn't a need for excess or for "waste." It is a need to surround myself in that which is beautiful.

That's what I want, what I need, every single day.


Listening to Frozen soundtrack. I know, I know, it's a CHILDREN'S movie. But seriously. This song is so good! Yes, it's on repeat from the girls, and no, I haven't gotten sick of it yet. I'll keep you updated when that happens.

Watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. Because, I have to admit, I'm in love with them. True, they aren't a holy family that I want to emulate my parenting off of. So far from it that it goes without saying. But the love that that the siblings have for each other? The best. Love every minute of that. And I want my girls to love each other with a deep care, understanding and love just like that.

Thankful for family, friends, my incredible husband. The list goes on. I know I may seem like down and out at times -- but really, I know that life is sweet. I know with a steadfastness that I am loved and that I am where I should be. Some days are crap, most days are nothing to write home about, and then there are days that remind you why you got up in the morning.

Those are the ones I love the most.

My best friend from high school got married this past weekend. She gave me the honor of being her matron of honor, as well as both the older girls being her flower girls. Below are the photos that I captured from her day. She was a lovely bride and will make an incredible wife. I just know it.

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