Thinking about: The Grammy's!  I've always looked forward to the Grammy's, being a music lover and all, but this year, this year, I was excited for a whole 'nother reason!  You see, for 8 years my husband travelled around the globe  with a Christian Singer/Songwritter named Matt Maher, playing music and inviting others to enter into worship through the songs they played.  A little over a year ago, we decided it was time to say goodbye to a life that blessed us tremendously.  Before my husband left the band, he had the amazing opportunity to record and play on a record that was nominated for a Grammy.  "All the People Said Amen [Live]" was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album, as well as a nomination for "Lord I Need You" in Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance category.  No, neither won (BOOO!!) but of course, as they always say, "It is such an honor getting nominated!" (Even if we had won, the award really went to Matt.) I know for us, it just feels like a nice, beautiful, red bow to tie up that treasured journey.

Inspired by:  Marriages; the new, the old, the struggling and the strong.  Yesterday, my husband and I spent the day at a Marriage and Family Life retreat.  It was put on by 3 wonderful, holy, married couples and hosted by this amazing community associated with our parish.   I was taken-a-back by the love and joy of couples who simply were WILLING!  I mean, they showed up!  Isn't that half the battle in a marriage?  Showing up!  I'm not sure where they were in their marriages, if things were easy or hard.  It was just so refreshing to be surrounded by people who both wanted to learn and grow in how to better love their spouse.  It was certainly enriching and enlightening.

Listening to: Well of course the Grammy Nominated Record All the People Said Amen [Live] by Matt Maher.  I know, I'm biased, but it did get nominated for a Grammy after all!! ;)

Jazzed about: The amazing date night to a fancy french restaurant and trip to the Opera my husband and I took on Friday night.  We aren't the normal Opera crowd, but I absolutely love doing things that are different and unique.  And the dinner was to die for!


Thankful for: The joy my kids wake up with every morning.  I'm sure I'm given the same joy, I just lose it when I choose to focus on stress, worries and tasks that need to be completed that day.  I forget sometimes that joy is a choice!  And today, I choose joy!

chose joy

Also so thankful for our sweet friend Tiffany, whose birthday it is today!  Happy birthday!  We love you!

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