Thinking about: Growth.  I've been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone more lately, feeling called to be a bit more trusting and open.  It's been good for me, allowing me new experiences and new opportunities to form relationships.  I really want to grow and become my best self.  I find myself taking evaluation, inventory per-se, of where things are at in my life and how that measures up against my "best self."  Most importantly, how does God want me to grow?  What else is He teaching me during this season of life?  What area is He calling me to work on?  I'm desperately wanting to be filled up, renewed, stretched even.  It's time for deeper growth.

Praying for:  Moms of every walk and kind.  The mom in Syria, fleeing her war-torn city with her babies on her back.  The mom in China, aching for more children but living under oppression and dictatorship.  And the mom I saw outside the grocery store, begging her child to obey.  We all have a story.  Moments of tragedy, moments of beauty, moments where the two mingle into one.  It's a miraculous life, the life of us mothers.  I'm constantly wondering when I lay my head down at the end of the day "How in the world am I gonna do this all over again tomorrow?!"  And then I do.  It's a miracle!  And I'm praying no matter your story, your walk of life, that you see those miracolous moments and give glory to the One who is writing a beautiful story in you.

Listening to: John Mark McMillian.  Kiss Your Feet will always be one of my most favorite songs.  It comes from the Biblical reference of Mary of Bethany (John 12:3) who takes expensive perfume and anoints Jesus' feet and wipes them with her hair.  It's quiet controversial, for many reasons, but much of which is because she "wasted" the expensive perfume on Jesus.  As the Gospels tell us, Jesus is quick to tell Judas that Mary has chosen the right thing in serving Him.  I have always been drawn to this story, and a couple years ago, my sister-in-law, who is a tremendously talented artist, painted this scene of Mary of Bethany wiping her hair on the feet of Jesus after anointing them.  When I first saw it, I was breathless.  Again, God speaking to my heart through this beautiful story.  Elizabeth (my sister-in-law) gave me the painting as a gift for my birthday one year.  And now when I listen to Kiss Your Feet, it reminds me of that, drawing within me to anoint Jesus in my fellow brother, "Between the cigarette butts, On the side of fourteenth street."

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Watching: The last week of Jimmy Fallon on Late Night.  I loooooveee Jimmy Fallon!  I think he is pretty hilarious and does the best impersonations.  I pretty much never catch the actual playing of the show.  I think it comes on around 11:30pm, far after I've entered dreamland.  But thanks to Hulu, I've been watching his "best of." They have been doing  it to commemorate the last week before he heads to the Tonight Show.  Even if you aren't a regular to Jimmy Fallon, I bet these round-ups will give you a laugh or two.  Check it out! ;)

Thankful for: My mom!  I mean, forever in debt to that amazing woman.  This weekend my husband and I had plans to go out on a double date with friends on Friday and then to another friend's birthday celebration on Saturday.  Friday rolled around and my little guy developed one of his typical hacky, croupy coughs.  We had to cancel with our friends and stay home since he was really having a hard time sleeping and such.  Saturday came and we were really praying that he would make a quick recovery so we could keep our plans.  Well, prayers not directly answered, but indirectly, yes!  My mom, who had planned to take all three kids up to her house for the night on Saturday, insisted that they still come.  Even despite his cough, and now runny nose.  Right before we were supposed to pack-up and leave to drop them off, an overwhelming feeling of guilt came over me.  "I'm the worst mom ever for sending my kid off when he's sick!"  I called my mom and told her I was gonna stay home with him instead, but she gently encouraged me to keep with the plan, knowing my son just needed some TLC (which she was happy to give!) and that my husband and I would be blessed by a short break.  She was right.  We had a lovely time, just enjoying one anther's company, eating slowly, socializing with friends and even sleeping through the night.  Annndddd when my son returned Sunday morning, his cough was almost completely gone.  See, miracles I tell you, mamas, MIRACLES!

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A date for our little adventure seeker to Bass Pro Shop... he was in love!

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Be sure to notice the "name" of the truck ;)

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