Thinking about: A fun and relaxing trip to northern AZ that we took over the weekend.  Tonto Natural Bridge State Park is nestled in the forested area that is a cool reprieve to us "valley of the sun" dwellers.  I know most of you have been covered under tons of snow, but in this neck of the woods, we have already begun complaining about the heat.  That's right, I said heat!  It's been hitting the 80's the past week, and I fear for what that means for summer.

Up in northern AZ, it was a cool and a perfect 60.  We hiked down to where there is a natural hole in a large rock, causing a "natural bridge" on top of the rock formation.  Okay, I'm not quite doing it justice.  How about a picture? ;)

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Praying for: Single moms.  Whoooweee, do you ladies have super powers!  When my husband used to travel for his job, I was home about 4 of the 7 days a week by myself with the kids.  It was enough to make me go insane.  There is something so crucial to me about being able to take a break, or even get out of the house alone, especially in the midst of a hard day.  Single moms, well that's gotta be so much harder to make happen in your world.  I'm offering up my little sufferings for you today.  You inspire me!

Listening to: Frozen, Frozen and more Frozen soundtrack.  I know Jenna has talked about Frozen before, and many of you have shared how this craze has penetrated your families house too.  My eldest begs for it, every day, every hour, every moment!  I've begun to use it an incentive for good behavior.  So I guess there is good coming from it.  Plus it's really cute to hear her and her brother sing along.

Watching: House of Cards.  The writing is so good and thought out, and always keeps you wondering what's around the corner.  I love that kind of suspense.

Thankful for: Rest!  Other than our trip up north, it was a quiet, restful weekend around here and I was so grateful for that.  Weekdays have been so busy around here that I crave silence and couch time on the weekends.  Hope you are able to find some rest this week too, dear mothers.  We deserve it! And always grateful for this...

I leave you with some more pictures from our trip.  Have a blessed week, mamas!!

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