Thinking about: The Future.  I know, I know, not a good move.  Especially for an eager heart like mine that can too often get caught looking ahead instead of enjoying the moment.  But right now we have quite a few things on the table that necessitate forward thinking.  I hear God calling me to stay out of the "worry zone" and simply in the "problem solving, decision making zone" but far more often than I care to admit, I let my head crawl into that forbidden land.  As I am writing this I can hear him whisper "Do not fear!"  Yes, Lord, you are right.  Jesus, I trust in you!

Reading:  A wonderful group of five women and me gather every other Wednesday night for our "women's night."  We began them as a way to grow in holiness and encourage each other on our journeys.  Over the past year since we began, we have grown in our friendships, and I have been blessed more than I thought possible.  Every now and then we read a book together to spur our conversation in the right direction.  We just began reading "Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs" by  Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.  I'm excited to read something about marriage, it being my primary vocation and all, and looking forward to bettering myself in my role as "wife" along the way.  I'll keep you guys posted to how the book goes.

Listening to: Nothing!  Can you believe it?  My house is silent and I am soaking it in.  All three of my children are down for naps (Alleluia!) and all I can hear are the sounds of the white noise machines.  Do any of you use white noise while your children sleep?

Praying for: Those with Mental Illness.  I've told you all that I am a Mental Health Counselor, right?  I get to see the face of Mental Illness everyday and am privileged to hear the stories.  Simultaneously I am heartbroken by the fear, pain and tragedy of it all.  Some of the strongest people I know are those how walk through life with chronic Mental Illness.  Please know your fight is not in vain.  Keep holding on.  And please seek help when you need it.  You are not alone!

Thankful for: Rest.  It's been a productive but restful weekend, compared to some others.  No big get togethers, trips or events.  Just some errands and family time.  Saturday my eldest and I took a trip to the mall together to pick out outfits for our upcoming family pictures next weekend.  She is most definitely a shopper and we have already had many a conversations about how dangerous a greedy heart can be.  Sweet girl can be just like Veruca Salt from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory sometimes, you know, the one who screams "I WANT IT NOW!"  Really trying to teach her the joy of giving and the need to work (chores and service) for items she wants to buy.  Anyone else have a child with those tendencies?

As always, here are a couple pictures from our week/weekend.

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(we are currently. remodeling our pool and backyard)

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