Thinking about: Faith.  What a mystery it is.  What a mystery He is.  With age, comes wisdom (s0 they say).  And with that wisdom it's tempting to question faith.  Sometimes, oftentimes, that wordly wisdom doesn't add up to what I know about faith.  I'm a proponent of knowledge, studying and evidence, really looking into why we (the Church) or I (the follower) believe what I believe.  And we are so blessed that the Catholic Church, and Christians alike have some great historical evidence and writings on our side.  Even the Miracles of the Church are not just blindly believed, but researched and solidified.  This helps with a doubtful, cynical mind like mine.  But then there are the areas of the faith that have little writings, little evidence and we are called to have faith in the mystery.  At the end of the day, I actually find peace in not having to understand it all.  It's far too much for me to carry that burden of "needing to know."  I experience so much peace when I simply enter into the mystery and trust, letting Him reveal his truth to me in His perfect timing.

Praying for:  Friends with difficult pregnancies, those who struggle to get pregnant but so desperately want children, and those who have lost children to miscarriage, stillbirth and premature deliveries.  I pray that the Lord lightens the heavy load of your grief and comforts you with His love and promises.  May you hold tight to the mystery of His perfect timing.

Listening to:  Bethany Dillon.  Hallelujah.  "Who can hold the stars//And my weary heart? Who can see everything? //I've fallen so hard// Sometimes I feel so far//But not beyond your reach// I could climb a mountain//Swim the ocean//Or do anything//But it's when you hold me//That I start unfolding//And all I can say is Hallelujah, hallelujah//Whatever's in front of me//Help me to sing hallelujah//Hallelujah, hallelujah//Whatever's in front of me//I'll choose to sing hallelujah!"

Hallelujah printable

And because I too have been going crazy for quote printables... here is one more to add to the mix.  Hope you enjoy!  Ohh and check out We Lived Happily Ever After for some awesome free graphics (I used her leaf circle here)!

Hallelujah printable-A Mama Collective

Watching: Just watched American Hustle last night with the hubby.  It's an interesting, gritty, drama set in the 70's about a con artist.  That's pretty much all I can tell you without giving the movie away.  But I can tell you that I liked it and thought it was really entertaining (does contain some risqué things, but nothing too bad in my opinion).

Thankful for: Music.  Music has always been a healer for me.  No wonder I married a musician ;) We have music playing through our speakers about 75% of the day.  The kids love it too, and constantly beg for family dance parties.

Also thankful for the cabin fever that lead to some fun family activities yesterday afternoon.  Homemade pretzels (recipe coming soon!) and a little painting time.  Thank you Lord for a beautiful life!

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