Thinking about how beautiful my Sunday morning was. I have continued to try to be very intentional about reading the Bible every morning. I sit down with some hot coffee (with TONS of creamer) that Michael (the hubs) made for me, and I open up my Bible to wherever She Reads Truth emails send me, and I journal. It has given me a quiet escape from everything else. It has given me a peace in the morning that I have literally never felt. I've never been one to really appreciate The Word or to open it up. But the fruit that I feel from doing this *daily* has been incredible.

So, Sunday morning, after cuddling with Michael and Siena (the 2yo) in our bed, we rolled out since I was feeling anxious that our talking/laughing/giggling would wake Lucia (the baby). I stumbled out to the kitchen and while Mike went to get bacon, I started the coffee and chatted with the girls about Fresh Beat Band, their new (old) favorite show. Too funny, the ebbs and flows of life even work with TV shows.

Mike came home and started the bacon and I sat in my usual spot with my Bible, journal, pen and phone. The USCCB has daily readings for mass, so that it what I turned to in my Bible. The readings for Sunday were amazing... well, wait, I can't lie, the first reading (1 Samuel) I didn't really understand, but hey! the Psalm (23), second reading and gospel were AMAZING. Truly spoke to my soul and my heart. I chatted with Mike about the readings while we munched on eggs and bacon before getting ready for mass. It was truly so peaceful and wonderful, sharing our thoughts and experiences on God's word. This is never done in our house, and it was a welcomed and calming peace.

I wasn't as angry at mass when I didn't get to hear the readings if the girls were trying to talk to me or I had to discipline them. I wasn't frustrated that the priest was barely making sense in his homily since Michael and I had a great discussion about the readings just a half an hour before. I wasn't anxious that I didn't "do my part" of participating at mass... I felt more connected because I had read and prepared my heart for what I was about to receive.

And it made all the difference.

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Listening to this incredibly beautiful version of Bob Dylan's Forever Young. I mean. Tear my heart UP, girl. Dang. Please give it a listen, friend. It is so amazing.

Watching House of Cards! My goodness how CRAZY is that show?! Please tell me SOMEONE has watched it? I can't be alone in this, can I? Although, it's an extremely inappropriate show, so I can't really recommend it. Oy. I watch it while I pump at work because it REALLY helps to pass the time (I loathe pumping), so it is at least doing the job there.

Thankful for challenges. Times that are hard that make the sweet that much sweeter. Struggles with my husband that resolve and sprout new life. Hard disciplining days so the cuddles are that much more urgent and needed and squeezed.

For red lipstick on days where I don't feel as pretty.

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For two year old dancing sessions that remind me to be free.

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For forgiving babies that will always remind you that you are loved and needed and cherished.

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For times I'm reminded to embrace the camera and get IN the pictures with my daughters. These are the whispers and the kisses and the smiles and the cuddles that I never, ever want to forget.

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