Thinking about: The blessings, peace, hope and indescribable joy poured out over us this weekend.  It's been quite the start to the Easter season.  On top of that, Easter is my favorite day of the year.  No, not the bunny version (although, didn't you love Brina's thoughts on the whole bunny, egg thing??).  It simply is such a beautiful, joyful day.  Not to mention so many special memories of God working in my life in beautiful ways on Easter's past.

This Easter we had the special pleasure of a family member coming into the Church.  His conversion story took us all by surprise, reminding me that God works in such beautiful, mysterious ways.  We attended the Easter Vigil (sans children, thanks to a sitter) which ended up being over 3 hours long.  I had never been to the Vigil Mass before, so I really didn't know what to expect.  Even though I was so very tired, I couldn't take my eyes of the faces of those coming into the church, my cousin especially.  He smiled from ear to ear, even holding back tears at some moments.  It was contagious.  And oh so evident that the Holy Spirit was at work.  The Catholic Church has such a beautiful way of welcoming new members all while reminding the life-longers (like myself) that the Church is alive, vibrant, and as always, true.

We got up this morning, tired from the long night but eager to celebrate this special day with our children.  My crafty husband made a tomb for Jesus on Good Friday out of a mail tube.  He glued some rocks and sand to the outside and laid some tree branches over the top.  We placed a "Jesus I trust in You" prayer card along with a crucifix from a necklace in the tomb and covered it with a stone.  My sweet oldest, such a sensitive soul, cried on Friday, expressing such sorrow as we talked about Jesus' Passion and Death.  And on Saturday, she looked to see if Jesus had risen yet and somberly stated "Mommy, I miss Jesus.  I can't wait for Him to come back!"  Easter morning we got up and she was filled with exuberant Easter joy and was thrilled to find Jesus was risen indeed.

After Easter baskets and some bacon and coffee time, we headed off to Mass again, this time with the kids.  It was a beautiful Mass, and my children actually sat still and participated.  I know, Easter miracle!  ;)  Then we spent the morning with my husband's family, had a wonderful breakfast and watched the kids do an Easter egg hunt.  The afternoon was filled with even more perfection; a family swim, bike riding, and a picnic dinner in our grass.  Really couldn't have gotten any better.

Listening to: The new album from NEEDTOBREATHE, Rivers in the Wasteland.  I love when worship music takes a turn towards mainstream music and can be used for both listening pleasure and prayer.  Check out this song, "Multiplied".  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Watching: My husband and I have been watching season 6 of Mad Man since it just got released to Netflix recently.  It seems a lot slower this season.  Most of the time I look for other tasks to conquer while we watch, to help pass the time.  Did anyone else think season 6 was slow, or am I just losing interest?

Thankful for: Family time.  Easter grace.  Making memories.  The sweetest little 3 that I get to call "mine".  A loving husband that seeks to know me more, even after 9 years together.   The gift of faith.  The Catholic Church.  Yummy baby snuggles after baths.  The laughter and roar of happy children.  And a full, overflowing heart.  God, you are far, far too good to me.  I pray my life brings you the praise and glory you are due, Jesus!

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