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Thinking about too many things. Constantly. Right? Isn't that the plight of motherhood? It's a never-ending I need to do this and this and this and this. I've been trying to deal with that. Not by making better and more organized lists (I don't think that will ever happen for me), but by really prioritizing what is my immediate need. When I wake up in the morning, it's go-go-go... but I realize that the FIRST thing I need? The very first? Is reading the Word. That's number one. I don't allow myself to get worked up about anything else until that very first thing is done.

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Until I'm centered on that, nothing else can truly fall into place... because everything is constantly up in the air. It's exhausting. But centering myself on that one thing that NEEDS to be done? That is true peace. And freedom. And a sense of self that I've never had before.

Reading oh man... I need to read still! I would love to pick up Hunger Games again and really begin to dive into it. I need to make the time for that in my life. I know how fruitful reading a book is to my life, and it's time I made it a priority again. Hunger Games, here I come!!!!

Listening to I've been sucking down the NEEDTOBREATHE album, just like Mary said last week. I'm slightly obsessed. But honestly, I have been obsessed with them since the first time I heard them. If you don't know they, get on it. You won't be disappointed. They're like a mix of Marc Broussard, Gavin DeGraw, and Christian music. It's amazing.

Watching my girls grow and grow and grow. It's amazing that one day you can wake up and have a grown kid. Like a kid. One that thinks for herself, imagines things you've never thought of, and she loves you and wants to talk to you and hear about your day. It's incredible. And it's life-giving to me. It reminds me that the little, itty bitty stage that I love/hate most days? That will end eventually end (tear), but each and every stage has its own gifts. Right now? I'm soaking up my oldest daughter Lia and all she has to tell me about life. It's amazing.

lia an dmeProcessed with VSCOcam with f3 presetsiena and me

Thankful for my job. When all of us were sick the past couple of weeks, they were patient with me with returning back to work. I am so grateful for that.

I'm also grateful to have the opportunity to help people in a hard neighborhood and think to myself, "I may be the only person you talk to today." I have the blessing of being a light in a patient's life, and that makes all the difference with doing the "dirty" work at times. I can't say that I LOVE my job, no, but I'm learning, day in and day out, that it is an incredible opportunity. One that holds responsibility to someone's life, both spiritual and physical, and that is a gift. Each day I look out the windows of the tall hospital building and really try to see the goodness that is in that day. And despite how rough the earth looks, the sky always gives me hope.


Wishing // This is where I will write my goals for the week, and we'll see if we can complete them by next week. Thank you to Nectar Collective for the inspiration for this part.

The Nectar Collective
  1. To read three chapters of Hunger Games.
  2. To finish laundry (does it end?!)
  3. To think of a hashtag idea for reading scripture daily with my community of blogging friends.

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