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 **First of all, how incredibly beautiful and awkward is this picture^^^?! My Siena girl is too much sometimes.

Thinking about this past week. It was rocky and road-y for me. I watched the Thrive Moms retreat with my women's group.

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It was so fruitful for me and my soul. Jessi Connolly of Naptime Diaries killed it for me. Here are a couple of her quotes that really resonated with me:

I loved this quote because I've really been emotionally struggling. I've been struggling with my place in life. I never wanted to be a mother, as I told you all in my post here. And I never really wanted to be married. But I fell in love with an incredible man and God had a plan very different than my own. And I am so incredibly grateful for it.

But there have been times that the Evil One picks at this truth from my past and tells me I'm not good enough, reminds me that I never wanted children, I never wanted to be a wife, I never wanted this. Any of it. He reminds me and shoves it in my face saying, "You're not made for this, you never wanted it."

But. There is a big God that is True. And He tells me truth such as this: I made you for your children. I picked you to be their mom, specifically them, specifically now, specifically this. I am created GOOD and RIGHT for them and for our family. I breathed a sigh of relief when Jessi reminded me of that. I am made for this, right here and now.

She went on to say this about trying to choose and be the dictator of your family's size and state in life:

Jessi stunned me with this. Alongside my struggle that I mentioned above, I am lost in my family's size. Do I really want more children? Can I mentally handle and take care and THRIVE with more children? I had such a hard and tough time with Lucia, can I really add to this?


But she opened my eyes -- Stop trying to build it yourself! The Lord is the author and perfecter of my motherhood, of my life, of my every day. He is holding me and keeping me safe and protecting me. He will build the house, and I have been given the tools to work alongside Him, not push Him aside to do it myself. I'm not capable of that. I'm not. I need Him. I need Him to build this.

Reading Hunger Games! Slowly but {semi} surely! I thought that I had lost the book (if you saw my house, you'd understand how easy it is to lose ANYTHING), but I found it! So, reading I've been doing. It's wonderful.

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Listening to okay. Hannah at Joyful Life introduced me to this song by Bethel Music and I canNOT turn it off. It is exactly what I need, day in and day out. It is peace and joy and praise all at once. It centers me while forces me to lay down my soul and give Him the honor and glory. I cannot speak highly enough of it. I hope you turn it on, it's wonderful.

Watching Parenthood. I always have to watch something while I pump at work, so a series on Netflix is the way to go. It helps me remember how long I've been pumping by checking the time on the show AND it helps pass the time so well! I literally hate pumping so much (am I the only one?!).

Thankful for my sweet daughters. My husband who strives to live his passions and encourages me to do the same. Wonderful friends who listen to me and hold my hand and tell me I'm normal. The dusky sunset that brightens my day as I step out of work. Lord, You are too good.

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  1. Read 3 chapters of Hunger Games. // Well, since finding it, I busted out these chapters! It's so good!
  2. To finish laundry. // I killed it on Sunday (yes, Mother's Day).
  3. Hashtag idea for a biblical study - accountability on reading scripture daily. // I need your help! Help?


  1. Set up doctors' and dentist appts for all three girls.
  2. Organize the laundry room.
  3. Go through my clothes and get rid of things for Goodwill or trash.
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