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Thinking about: The story that God is writing with our lives.  All these questions have been whirling in my head all week and especially this past weekend. Trying to find the purpose of the story, the theme if you will.  Most of my thoughts are much too jumbled to really put down here yet, let alone for me to make sense of.  My sensitive heart just feels so overwhelmed by the suffering that is so present in our world.  From dear friends, to the patients I work with (I'm a Mental Health Therapist) I find myself deeply weighed down by the "why" questions.  Desperately trying to get a grip on what the purpose of it all is.  In the depth's of my soul, I know that God is good and the story that He is writing is beautiful!  Yet still, my heart aches.

Reading: Have you heard of Brené Brown?  She's my hero.  Okay, that's a little extreme.  But as a counselor, I use her material and research often.  I have just begun reading her book Gifts of Imperfection. <<affiliate link>> She has a couple of great books, but this one already is such a good reminder about the makings of healthy self-esteem, healthy relationships and healthy love.  Check out her viral TED talk and you'll know why I love her!

Listening to: The greatest playlist on Spotify called "Songs to Sing in the Shower."  If you have Spotify, it makes for the greatest cleaning playlist.  Everything from Hanson's "MmmBop" to Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual."  I found myself happily scrubbing the floors as I was jamming to this fun playlist.

Watching: This really fun, western cop show on Netflix called Longmire.  I think it originally airs on A&E, but we (my husband and I) just found it and can't stop watching it.  It's right up my husband's ally, with cowboys and small town thrills. Outside of that, it's your typical crime drama with a new mystery to be solved each episode.

Thankful for: New beginnings.  We went to a wedding yesterday to celebrate the union of two great people.  One of whom's first wife died a few years back, far too soon from Cancer.  This gives me hope for God's writing of stories and the hope and redemption he reminded me of as I watched the joy on my friend's faces yesterday.  Sorrow is never the end of the story, and I am so very, very grateful for that!

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1.  Keep up with my husband and my scripture study.  We have been reading 1st Corinthians, and so far I have learned a lot and really enjoyed the unity it brings to our prayer life.  Just need to keep it a priority, even when I'm tired.

2.  Get a new recipe up for Mama's Meals! ;)

3.  Spend quality 1:1 time with each of my children this week.

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