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Thinking about // My goals. My dreams. They constantly tug and pull at me -- I am in a constant state of "What am I supposed to be doing next?" I know that there is something inside of me telling me to keep moving, keep working and keep searching, and I am always trying to solve the puzzle.

This is good, I think, on one hand. I always work really hard. But on the other hand, it's exhausting. I know that I choose this for myself - I let the dreams and the passions work me up and get my wheels spinning in my head. I can stop them, I can. I can set it all down and take a breather. But right now, I'm on fire. I want to keep moving. I want to keep working.

It's fun. Living passionately. Exhausting, but fun. These passions also make me want to be a better wife and mother and friend. I want to work hard for those around me, I want to never stop building community and building a church within my home. I want to be a passionate woman who teaches her daughters to never stop.

I know, though, that I need to pace myself. Take breathers whenever and wherever I can. That means, sometimes I don't answer my emails quickly enough, or I avoid Facebook like the plague, or I sit down and read a good book and avoid the outside world for a couple of days. But I need those moments like I need air. They revive me, reinvigorate me to continue discovering what it is that's next.

Reading // Nothing right now! Like I said a few weeks ago, I finished Hunger Games and totally loved every second of it. It was awesome. A few of you suggested Divergent and I think another series, so it's just a matter of remembering to pick something up next time I'm at the bookstore. Also, I want to read this (affiliate link). Has anyone read it? What are your thoughts? I want to see it before I see the movie.

Listening to // The World Cup in the background. Quiet calm as all three girls are napping. It is just a perfect moment. I am right here, right now, with no other distractions. I am soaking up this moment.

Thankful for // My family who works so hard and so generously to love on my daughters. We had Siena's birthday party on Saturday, and dang was it fun. We swam, we ate Chick-fil-A (delish), we had cupcakes, we opened an insanely large amount of princess-y gifts. I love that my girly-girl was loved on so much by our family and friends. She is blessed to have these people in her life. I am so excited to see her spirit grow within the safety and love of these people.

And you remember that post about the Pinterest ideas I'll never execute for her party? I actually think it turned out adorable!! It was all the Oh Joy Collection at Target's goodies. AND I got it all the Oh Joy stuff on sale because they were phasing out before the newest line, which I'm also slightly obsessed with, naturally.

Oh Joy Collage.jpg

And this cake?? From the local grocery store!! Insanely adorable. I was really impressed and so happy that it turned out so sweet.

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Wishing //


  • Set up doctor's appts for the girls. Yay I did it!! Well checks are so pointless to me, but I'm glad to have gotten this done!
  • Meal plan. Oy, I had a hard time last week. I meal planned but then never went to the grocery store. Makes it hard to get the meals done without the right ingredients!
  • Organize the dang laundry room. // Definitely did not happen. I am so not motivated to start with the disaster of my laundry room! Motivate me, could you, would you?


  • Schedule out at least three posts for the next two weeks. I need to get back to being more on top of things on this space.
  • Cook at least three meals at home this week.
  • Find a book and read the first two chapters.
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