Thinking about: Christmas gifts!  Both the dad's in my life (my father and my husband's father) are hard to buy for.  Both minimalists and not materialistic, there is really nothing they want, so this makes things a little difficult.  I'm all for the sentimental gift, or the time gift, but I'm not exactly sure that is up their boats either.  Anyways, if anyone has some more great gift ideas, pass them on! (Don't forget about Anna Kate's gift guides for men & stocking stuffers as well as the ladies & kiddos!)

More importantly, I've been thinking and reflecting upon Advent. This season of waiting as Christians is so telling of the state of my heart, busy but expectant. This year my prayer is that my heart is expectant on Christ alone! Do you and your family's do anything to prepare your heart and teach your kids about Advent? We light Advent candles but I'm thinking about beefing it up this year. :)

Reading: Sale ads.  Haha.  Cyber Monday errebody!  Okay, I'm seeming a little crazy at the moment, but I put a lot of time and effort into gift buying, so it's on my mind.  

Listening to: My dear sister, who is in town for the long weekend, playing with my kiddos.  She is the best auntie their could every possibly be.  So dedicated and engaged in their lives.  We are pretty blessed.  She has to head home to Cali (where she lives) tomorrow, so we are bummed about that.  But thankfully she will be making another trip out in just a couple of weeks.

Watching: New Girl!  It's my jam!  By far my favorite show right now.  Have I told you guys that already?? I feel like I have.  Sorry if I'm being super redundant.  Anyways, check it out.  You'll pee your pants laughing.  It's that good!!!

Thankful for: My family.  I married into a family of 10 and I came from a family of 4.  Both live near us, so it's pretty great having so many people to love on us and help out with the kids.  Holidays are hard since we have to divide our time, but we luckily got to see everyone and it was such a treat!  Ohh and we even got a nice photo of my husband, the kids and I! Miracle, I tell you!  :)  Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.  And Happy Hanukkah as well!

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Inspiration for Currently. comes from Sometimes Sweet, so a big thank you to Julie for introducing us to this. We are also linked up with Suscipio.