Currently. and Our Weekend {Vol. 10}

Thinking about: how incredibly beautiful our Sunday was. Mike let me sleep in since Lucia was randomly awake for a couple hours in the middle of the night. Since we missed mass early in the morning, all five of us just chilled and listened to music, wrestled, read the readings for the day, worshipped and prayed together before we went to mass. It was really amazing. We had no where to be but with each other, and I loved every second.

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Siena was also begging to taste my coffee -- "I want coffee!!"

So I let her have her first official sip. I say "official," because she's probably had a sip before, without my knowledge. She's a sneaky one.

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Then it was my turn to go to mass. I put the girls down for naps, Mike came home from the eleven o' clock mass, and I went to the 12:30. It was SO so so . soooo. good. Like so good.

The priest at the Church I went to is really passionate about the New Evangelization. He is such an incredible preacher. He is on fire for the Lord and what He wills in our lives. He is humble and honest and well-spoken. He sees truth for what it is, and he has the courage to say it to people who may not be ready to hear it.

It's funny, before I left the house, I complained to Mike that I didn't want to go to that particular Church's mass because it's "sooo long," and the homily is always long, and there are "sooo many people."

"Praise God!" he retorted back to me.

Oh. Yeah. Silly me. "Sooo many people" is a good thing when it comes to Church. It's so dang good.

I'm grateful for moments when I'm able to really worship and feel present to the Lord, and this moment was at the top of that list. The preaching, the liturgy, the music, the Word. All of it was exactly what I needed to feel renewed - to be reminded that He came to save everyone, to remember that I am my brother's keeper, that I am a disciple.

I'm so thankful. For all those people that were there in community with me. For all those people who were praying right alongside me to the Savior of the world.

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Reading: I think I'm going to borrow Hunger Games from my good buddy friend Nellie. Especially now with Catching Fire out, I want to read these books and get to seeing the movies! I feel like I'm missing out on so much.

Listening to and Watching:

This. I only hope to be half this alive in my soul as this video. To be childlike, free, honest. To take leaps and not look down.

Thankful for: my special time with the girls. Fridays and Sundays are always my favorites. (Saturday I work a twelve, so it's not so fun on the Mom-front.) I love these littles with every bone inside of me. Here are more shots from our weekend.

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My sweet Lucia girl just loves sitting wherever her sisters are, watching them, smiling and cooing away at them. It's so beautiful to see the bond that the three of them share.

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We took down our Christmas tree. I finally have a designated place for all my decorations (thanks Tiffany!), so I feel so organized!! I was sad to see it all come down, but it was much nicer to take down when you are more organized with your stuff.

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And lastly, the chickies have been sick for a little over a week. It's been a hard week. I'm filled with anxiety constantly when I'm away from them (this is where working a 12 sucks), and worry so much that the older girls' germs will get to the baby. I've been using The Hippy Homemaker's Medicine Woman Spray and been loving it. I've also stocked up on Elderberry and Echinacea to try to keep our immune systems up while we're fighting these illnesses.

But sometimes, those little cups are just the sweetest.

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