Our Days Outside

Today I'm at work. First day back. I know you guys have heard my gripes about it already (I apologize!), but it's just been a hard one this time around. Lucia isn't the easiest Angel Baby, she doesn't have a routine that I can write down for the babysitter, she doesn't take great naps which then leads to me holding her all day. That is a special time for us, but I just feel like I neglect my other daughters on days like those. And it makes me so anxious for the working days when someone else (our babysitter or my husband) attempt to juggle my three precious girls. It makes me so nervous.

But, c'est la vie, as they say.

I cherish the calm moments so much more - Lucia getting a good nap in her bed, the sun shining down, and the girls and I playing outside, soaking up every moment of giggles and hopscotch and "Tap You're It" (my three year old's interpretation of Tag). It is so incredibly special to me to have daughters.

Because of my love for being outside with my two older girls, I was so excited to try out one of bonnetfriend's sunhats. The sunhat we received was beautifully made, with a handwritten note from Leanne, it's owner. I don't know about you - but handwritten notes are few and far between and oh-so-special for me to receive.


Here is what Leanne says about her inspiration for making these bonnets (or sunhats):

Each day, we ask ourselves, ‘can we do this outside?’ If the answer is 'yes,' out of doors we go. So, began my quest for a practical yet aesthetically pleasing sunhat for hours of outdoor play. I was drawn to the bonnet, a throwback to simpler times - imagining something beautiful and organic.

I love that you can leave the sunhat as-is or flip back the brim as well. AND it's reversible! Check out Leanne's very own photos of the adorable Old Mcdonald! sunhat:

bonnetfriend CollageI was so please to receive such an adorable sunhat for my dear Siena-girl to wear. She looked adorable in it, and she loved wearing it and feeling special. She didn't ever want to take it off. Check out her cuteness:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI loved the sunhat we received from bonnetfriend, and highly recommend this awesome company. They also have their own blog, bonnets in wonderland (cute name, right?!), so be sure to check out Leanne over there!! Sheesh, she rocks me with her words,

What’s the deal with bonnets? I believe the world would be a better place if everyone wore a bonnet, organic obviously.

And Wonderland? Nature is our Wonderland. Nature opens our minds, calms the soul, connects us to one another, and reminds us that we already have what we need. When you see birds riding bicycles, and fish swimming upstream, you have arrived in Wonderland. Make yourself at home. We have so much to share!

I am officially in love with her. Can I be your best friend, Leanne?!

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