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{review of} earthLINGZ Hybrid Fitted Diaper

We've got a new diaper to tell you about today, mamas!  And it's a good one! :)  earthLINGZ Hybrid Fitted is from a wonderful mom-owned and operated company that you can find on Etsy and Facebook.  Terra loves the details, and it is very evident in the way she makes her diapers.  Everything from the packaging you receive the diaper in, to the stitching color on the soaker pad.  It's all top-notch quality.  Here is a little about what Terra and earthLINGZ stands for and are all about:

earthLINGZ Cloth Diapers are a new breed of cloth diaper... The world's first ALL Fleece Hybrid Ai2! We strive to provide the world with an all around better solution to diapering. Our one size fits all diapers are 100% reusable, affordable, and fashion forward! We combine snuggly soft polyester fleece with soft and eco friendly organic hemp fleece to make for the ultimate in dryness protection, and absorbing power, all while keeping bulky-ness to a minimum. There are no other cloth diapers like earthLINGZ Cloth Diapers!

It's pretty true, there really isn't any other cloth diaper like earthLINGZ, at least that I have tried yet.  It's versatility as both a fitted, or an AI2 is pretty amazing.  If you are looking for a nighttime solution, fitteds, like this one, are a great solution with a waterproof cover over.earthlingz 2

{the verdict}

I used mine during the day as an AI2 and loved the style, fit and functionality of it.  It gives you a total of 5 layers of absorbency, with 4 layers of organic hemp fleece (snapped together), with an organic hemp fleece topper (lays on) to wick away moisture and keep baby feeling dry and happy!  It's easy to get a great fit with multiple belly snap options, including cross over snaps, and a fold down rise.  My baby is 11 months old, and I used the snap down to diminish any leg gapping and leakage.  It did start to {feel} wet until around 2 hours later, although, I'm sure if I put a cover over it, I could have gotten much longer out of it.  earlingz 1

  • have you seen these great amazing prints and colors... I mean mine was hot pink and purple!  Comeon' now!  Presh!!!
  • great for day AND night use
  • extra layers of absorbency, without being too bulky
  • cross-over snaps and snap down rise allows for great fit
  • amazing top stitching and craftsmanship
  • supporting small, mom-owned companies
  • soft yet durable eco-friendly fabrics

{to consider}

  • prep time: I washed/dried mine about 4 times before I got the absorbency to really last the anticipated 2 hours.
  • I typically like to sun my diapers, but this type benefits from drying rather than sunning so the beautiful color doesn't get bleached and so it fully dries and can be absorbent again.
  • longer dry time
  • needs cover if wanting to use for longer than 2hrs


8 on review scale

I am proud to be a fan and supporter of earthLINGZ!  They are in their first years of business, but I mean, if this is the first run, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT'S NEXT!

You can get yourself one of these great diapers here for $25 or maybe you will be a lucky winner in our Peace Love & Giving Giveaway.  Go get your entries in below!

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